Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mom's Visit

At the end of October my mom came out to visit with us. She had come out in March for Will's birthday party... but only for like 4 days and we were busy with party preparations that there wasn't much time for sight seeing or other fun things.

This time she came we got to do some fun stuff. I mean, she got to see my busy schedule (therapies, school, church) but she also helped with Halloween. You remember my disaster Halloween, right?

The Friday of her visit I was able to take her to the Creation Museum. I really, really enjoy that place! We went through all the exhibits and spent some time in the gift shop. Will and Lana were pretty squirrelly so it was definitely time to go outside.

It was cool to see the changes in the garden area from what it looked like in August to what it looked like in the fall. This time I was able to ride the camel and so did my mom!

Then, of course, we enjoyed being with the animals at the petting zoo.

On Saturday we headed out to Amish country. I had been wanting to go to Ohio's Amish country for quite some time and Ryan wasn't really that interested, so it was fun to go out and enjoy it with my mom and the kids.

It took us about 3 hours to get to our first stop - Roscoe Village. It's a restored 1830's canal town. We checked out the visitor's center and played in the children's area. After that we wandered a little bit down the street, chatted with the blacksmith, shopped at the little grocery store, and enjoyed the calm atmosphere.
The blacksmith's place... where Lana asked the man if he had a baby in his tummy.
Next was Hershberger Farm and Bakery in Millersburg.
We spent time looking at the puppies and browsing the shop. I chatted a little bit with one of the girls helping me with my purchase. Then we went to the barn and spent a LOT of time with the farm animals. We bought food and fed Big Ben (the biggest horse in Holmes County) as well as the cows, goats, sheep, and ducks. For some reason I always enjoy spending time with farm animals and the kids do too.
the kids holding adorable, cuddly, Havanese puppies
Mom feeding Big Ben. You can see Will and Lana looking at the chickens in the background.
this goat was so bossy for food he actually smacked me on the should with his hoof when my back was turned on him
there was actually a goat on the roof of the barn

We went in the store and bought some yummy food for sale. I picked up a pie, which we baked and cooked a couple days later.

Then we headed down the road and ended up at Guggisberg Cheese, home of the original Baby Swiss cheese. It was cute and quaint and, again, we purchased a few snacks. Across the street we ate a late lunch at the restaurant.

We did have one more stop we wanted to make... Lehman's (a huge hardware and appliance store that specializes in the more simple and traditional way of life) but unfortunately we were unable to find it.

On our drive we saw a lot of horses and buggies. It is fascinating to see all these people walking on the side of the road or riding in the buggies, regardless of the crummy weather. Will kept asking why they had to use horses, he couldn't grasp the idea that people would not be driving in cars.

We did pass through the main part of Berlin and boy was it busy! There were many places we passed by that I would love to check out. I told my mom I definitely had to come back there and spend more time enjoying the area. It is so beautiful and peaceful out there.

But it was time to head back. Something that sucks is that I had no signal on my phone... so I couldn't pull up my maps app. And the GPS was not in Ryan's car (remember, my van had broken down on Halloween). Oops! We took the longer scenic route back to I-70.

And wouldn't you know it, I run into another difficulty. Literally.

I'm driving down the highway, going about 75 mph in the right lane. The sun has not set yet. I see a huge hawk up on the hillside and sort of watch it as it alights and swoops down and goes up again. It is hunting something. I'm watching as it gets closer and closer to the road. And of course I think, "it's going to whip right back up as the car gets closer". These thoughts and observations are happening in split seconds. Then the big hawk is very, very close to the car and I realize it's not pulling up and I can't swerve out of the way.... BAM! It takes out the passenger side mirror.

It is gone. Absolutely gone!

All of us are fine. I couldn't pull over or anything so I kept driving and stopped at the next Rest Area where we survey the damage and photograph the missing mirror and bird poop now on the side windows.

After that we continue without incident back home.

On Sunday there was church and just general taking it easy. Then on Monday my mom left to return home to Washington.

Overall I say a fun visit. Of course it seemed to have flown by with everything we were doing. Now the kids talk about getting to see Grandma again at Christmas.

********Oh, and I will note that we did get our mirror replaced. $300 deducible and insurance had to still pay above that. Stupid bird!********


  1. Geez. I'm glad you all are ok! Sounds like you had a good visit (besides that stupid bird...). My sister is coming out tonight for Thanksgiving and I'm pretty excited.

  2. i can't believe a bird took off the mirror!