Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Creation Museum Trip

Before school started in August I had a goal to make it to a certain amazing place. Thankfully, I did it! I took an afternoon and the kids and I drove down across the border into Kentucky to go to the Creation Museum.

Even though it wasn't our first time, it kind of was. Last time we were there was in December to experience their Christmas Town. We didn't get to see the museum part.

This time I actually got to see what they had to share.

The museum was pretty cool. It is all state-of-the-art. I should preface this by saying I am a believer that earth was divinely created by God. Now whether it truly did occur in 7 days (according to literal interpretation of Genesis) I don't really know for sure and I'm okay with that. Here's the thing -- I believe God did it and that's good enough for me.

It does kind of piss me off when there are scientists who completely dismiss the authentic science that can support the theory of creationism. I feel that there is more evidence to support it than Darwinism.

Anyway, I'm not getting up on my soap box about this.

The museum was interesting. I'd love to go back without the kids so I could read more of what was available. As it was, there was plenty to look at and take in. Will and Lana found something interesting in nearly all the exhibits. They liked the dinosaurs. Will really liked the mini scale of Noah's Ark.

After moving through the museum and breaking free of the shops, we headed outside to the gardens. The Creation Museum recently opened zip lines across the property but I could only look from a distance.

Will, Lana, and I wandered through the gardens and admired the flowers. We met a large duck on the dock which we fed. We looked at butterflies. Then we checked out the petting zoo where we got to see zebras, goats, a camel, and chickens. They even got to feed some of them.

Once we finished petting animals, we got in line for the kids to ride a camel! I wanted to ride a camel, but on my own with both kids I knew it wouldn't happen. Maybe next time. Will and Lana thought it was fun.

We wandered around the gardens some more then called it a day. I was already worn out from pushing the double stroller all over... and the grounds were not exactly flat. And by that time the kids had each began melting down in their own ways. Before we even left the parking lot Alanna was already asleep.

The Creation Museum is fascinating. I'm so glad we've had the opportunity to check it out and I look forward to exploring it more.

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  1. Several days late but......I am so jealous! I also believe in creationism by a divine God. I would LOVE to visit this museum. Maybe after we have kids we'll make it a vacation stop.