Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Pumpkin Fun Field Trip

Autumn is a beautiful season. The leaves changing. The weather growing colder. And the hints of anticipation for the coming holidays.
There are usually little traditions the come with autumn. For us, it's a trip to a pumpkin patch. We started this several years ago while living in New Mexico - go out to a field and pick your own pumpkin.
We didn't go on our own THIS year... but the kids and I did go on a school field trip to Fulton Farm where we went on a hay ride and selected pumpkins from the field.
Last year I went with Will on this same field trip. It was so bitterly cold! But this year it was mild and much more enjoyable. I'm thankful that Will's teacher and Lana's teacher are sort of a team so that I did not have to split my time between the kids. First we did the hay ride out to the pumpkin patch. The hay ride was a tractor pulling two trailers filled with hay. It wasn't the most interesting ride... but we did get to see a tractor moving huge piles of fertilizer and of course there was still corn along the route.
After disembarking Will and Lana had fun wandering around, constantly steadying themselves so as not to trip along the vines. Lana would try to pick up a pumpkin only to be upset that it was dirty. Well, what do you expect?! Will was on the search, he knew what he wanted, and went off earnestly!

After the customary back and forth of "do you want THIS pumpkin or THAT pumpkin" they made their decisions and headed back to the hay ride.

At the farm we were able to spend time looking at the animals. Alanna was very interested in the pigs. Her best friend from school, Lily, was right by her side as they pet the pig and talked about it. Will found the chickens more to his liking. We also saw goats and cows and ducks.

We spent a little time in the corn teepee. Will's friend Divinity was there to chat with him a little bit. She's such a sweetie.
Then the kids and I went to the mini corn maze where they had a blast running along the trails, squealing and laughing.

When all was finished we attempted a photo out front... then went into the shop for some sweet treats.

Pumpkin patches are fun to go to and I'm glad we were able to get our pumpkins! That's the important part.

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