Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September and Eye Issues

Kids' first day of school
September has snuck up on me. As in, oh my gosh I didn't blog the entire month of August and now I have so much to catch up on that I don't think I'll ever finish, because I didn't even finish up June and July, and who wants to read a ton of old, outdated blog posts because I fell behind?!

Wow, that was a long run on. And I do not apologize.

I'll be honest... Life was crazy and hectic leading up to school starting! I was trying to savor the last few bits of summer before school started with the kids. And also, I no longer have a laptop downstairs for me to use since hubby takes it to school for his Master's work.

'Why don't you go upstairs and use the desktop?' you ask?

Because then my children will either mess around in the office, or their bedroom making more messes, or they would be unattended downstairs... and that's not really a good thing. It takes me for-freakin'-ever to type up a post. Go figure, you wouldn't think it would be so time consuming.

So here I am, late at night with a still screwed up eye, trying to blog something so I don't turn into a slacker.

Maybe I will tell you my eye story since that is current and won't take forever?!

Friday night was going well. Kids were playing, TV was on, dinner was over... and then the awful happened! Lana, who was sitting on my lap, does a weird bounce and turn, flinging her hands in the air and her finger lands in my eye. Not just IN my eye, I swear her finger got caught in my upper eyelid.

I had to control myself from screaming out loud and pushing her forcibly off my lap.

Instead I not so calmly started saying, "get off, get off, get off, GET OFF!" and slid her to the floor then immediately ran to the bathroom to wash out my eye. Silly me, I thought something was still stuck in there.

After 30 minutes of no relief from water or a cold compress I called my husband who soon came home. I also, while waiting for him, called my mom to ask if I should go to the hospital.

Ryan arrived, tried looking in my eye but still didn't see anything. I told him it felt like my eye was on fire and something was stabbing it!

I took a warm shower. No relief.

Kids were now in bed and after calling the base hospital after hours line I was told to come into the ER. Thankfully my neighbor came over to sit at the house with the sleeping kiddos while we were off to the hospital.

After what felt like being tortured with eye drops, more drops, different colored lights, prodding, weird contraptions, an eye sight test, and at least 3 different people looking me over it was proclaimed that I had a large scratch on my cornea, but it did not cross into my line of sight.

They gave me some vigamox drops to keep out infection and offered me pain meds. At first they wanted to give me vicodin and I was all like, 'What?!' I was thinking, yes, I'm in pain but I certainly don't need anything THAT strong. And I told them I couldn't be completely drugged up because my husband is working on finals this weekend and I still have to be a mom to 2 little kids. Then I agreed to Tylenol with codeine. Yeah, like that wouldn't mess me up. They told me I should feel better for sure by Sunday and that I should be about completely healed in a week.

Saturday my eye hurt worse. I had tickets for a Major League Soccer game to see the Columbus Crew play the Seattle Sounders and had been looking forward to this game for a YEAR! I finally had childcare lined up and had said before that if Ryan couldn't go, and I couldn't find somebody to go with me, I'd go by myself. Well, nobody stepped up to go with me (everybody had husbands busy with finals with no childcare) and I couldn't drive myself. By the evening I felt downright awful! My eye was swollen, I couldn't see, I hurt real bad, and I knew I would not be able to go to the game. Nobody wanted my awesome seats for the game either... and I was giving them away for free!

I called my mom and sobbed because I was so upset. There wasn't anything I could do! My disappointment and frustration just seethed out of me. Ryan has offered to take me to another Crew game, but I had wanted SO BAD to see my home team play. (Sounders, I will see you play a game eventually!)

Sunday came around and I could hardly open my eye and there was yellow and green discharge. I was living in a house where I could not handle the outside or open the window curtains, my sunglasses stayed on, I couldn't read or watch tv, and was hardly able to look at my phone. After trying 3 times to get a call back from the on call doc at the ER, Ryan decided to just take me in. He dropped me off and then took the kids out for dinner.

More prodding, drops, weird lights and eye sight exam. One of the same docs was there and when she looked at my poor eye she told me that no, it should no look like that after 2 days.

Turns out I got bacterial conjunctivitis to go with the corneal abrasion. Yay for me.

Increase the vigamox drops and add in an ointment.

Monday Night - it still hurt to open my eye that much!
A couple days later I am feeling MUCH better. Today I had a follow up with the base ophthalmologist. He says it looks like it is improving and to come back later in the week to be sure it is all healed up... or come back earlier if it gets worse.

I seem to be on the mend. I hope it keeps up. I have to look presentable for the new spouses orientation tomorrow so I think I'll go pick up some cheap eye makeup for one time use on my single, messed up eye.

Now I have some drugs kicking about. I didn't really take the Tylenol with codeine. I took it before bed every night. I tried one time during the day and that was a mistake. I was not able to function! That stuff knocked me out! So I really didn't take anything for pain during the day except normal Tylenol.

Now I can say I have experienced a scratch on my cornea. That crap HURTS! I'd prefer not to go through this again. And if any Sounders people see this post and can hook me up to see a game that'd be totally awesome!


  1. It's funny how soccer and eye injuries go hand-in-hand, huh.

  2. so sorry about the eye injury! hoping that by now you're fully mended. :)