Sunday, July 7, 2013

Eastwood Metro Park

Dayton has some amazing Metro Parks. My goal is that in the next year I get to see all of them before we PCS.

Towards the end of May, before school got out, the kids and I headed to Eastwood Metro Park to explore and let them run off their energy.
What a lovely place! There was a park with some covered picnic areas nearby, boat docks, trails to bike and hike and walk, stone bridges across the river, and park benches spaced along the pathways to sit and enjoy the views and watch nature.
Oh poor Maya. She sure does put up with a lot.
We had brought Maya along with us and we had a lot of fun wandering around. I showed the kids all the ducks and we talked about how they swim and how the "boy ducks" have green heads. The kids pointed out the Canadian geese and were very stern in telling me that we don't touch those ones because they can bite you.
As we following the river down a small 'waterfall' I noticed we startled a heron. After walking a little more we came upon a pretty good sized dead fish. Will and Lana were interested in it so I explained it was a fish and the bird we saw flying away must have caught it. But it was now dead and we leave it alone.
not the actual heron
the 'waterfall'
Will was a little confused when I told him it was dead. He told me it just needed new batteries, then the fish would work again. Oh that boy... he's such a city kid. I got a good laugh out of that one. I tried to explain life doesn't work like that but he doesn't understand yet.

At the time I was wearing my Fitbit One and after walking all over that darn park and beginning to head back to the car I wanted to sync up with my phone to see how far we went. To my horror I realized it had fallen off somewhere! I was so upset! I went re-tracing my steps (as best as I could with the kids and dog) and trying to sync with my phone in hopes that I'd walk near it and find it. It worked... sort of. As I was trekking near the park it did sync so I knew of a general area it must be located.

Then by a miracle I did find that tiny thing! Woot! I was actually in the process of calling my brother (who got the Fitbit for me) to tell him I lost it when I see it! Somebody must have found it and put it on a nearby picnic table. I was so relieved. Of course it had fallen off at the beginning of our exploring so I had no idea how much walking we did. Oh well.

This was shortly before Maya received her summer haircut.
Overall it was a nice time just being outside and spending time together. Once Lana gets better at pedaling her bike I think we might have to make a return trip and ride some trails. Of course I'm not opposed to wandering around again... it was pretty peaceful out there.

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  1. What a beautiful park!! I'm envious of all the glorious water and greenery! I'm glad you guys had a good time out and about. I love the idea of exploring all the parks before you PCS. :)