Thursday, June 27, 2013

End of School 2013

This happened last month and I'm finally getting around to posting it... the school year ended!
What a year! William loved going to school and he made so many improvements. The schools around here are great and Will was blessed with an amazing teacher, Ms. L., who really cared. It was sad to say goodbye. Hopefully, Alanna will get to have her in the fall!

The end of school was kind of broken up into 2 main days. On one day they had the little awards ceremony where they sang some songs and had a mini graduation for those who would be moving on to Kindergarten.
Before they started a slide show was running from different photos throughout the year. This is Will with Mrs. T wearing silly hats.
At his point they were just waving and talking.

Singing their Lizard song

 On the very last day children were invited to stop by and say goodbye. We brought some gifts for Ms. L and Mrs. T and chatted for quite awhile. And of course we got a final picture.

Last year Will missed out on the end of the school year because he had to leave early to PCS out here to Ohio. Now we understand how bittersweet this time actually is.

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  1. The end of the year is a very bittersweet time . .. I really hope that Alanna will get the same teachers next year. I really wanted that for Edward, but the Lord had other plans in mind . . .