Monday, June 24, 2013

Church Volunteer

Whenever we PCS one of the first things we have to do at our new base is find a church. About a month after we got here we settled on our home church and have been regular attendees ever since. But attending by itself isn't good enough for me. I have to get plugged in and find somewhere I can be involved. We started out by attending Sunday School as well as regular service and our kids were enrolled in Awana on Wednesday nights. But even then we were only "attending."

So... several months ago our church was having a day of auditions if people were interested in singing or playing on one of the {several} worship teams as well as for anybody interested in working in the tech booth running the audio/visual stuff.

After chatting with Ryan I decided to audition as well as go upstairs to check out the tech stuff. On a fluke I ended up being the first person to try out vocally. There were some other ladies I had been chatting with who did not have the lyrics to the song options we were given so I handed mine out. Then I was suddenly called on stage.

Let me give you a bit of info. My church is big. Like, really big. I've never attended a church this large. And because it is a huge church, they really have their act together and talented people are in appropriate places, and there is probably a decent influx of cash available to keep the sanctuary and equipment up to date. They are not running some rinky-dink operation.

I'm called up and I'm a bit nervous. I hate being first. I shake the hand of our worship leader (who I'd never met in person before) and he asks what song I'm singing. I look down at my hand and have one sheet of music there that I had not given away.

"I guess I'm singing this one..." and I hand over the paper.

"Hey, cool. This is my song! I wrote this song!" Pastor D. smiles and gives me a high five.

And I'm all like, "Of course it is." Yeah, I'm totally gonna be the first person here and sing a song that the guy wrote. My butterflies were stirring in my tummy.

I sang the song and did decently. It's hard to hear and I even asked right away to turn down guitar so I actually could make out my voice over the speakers. One of the ladies I had been sitting with told me I have a great vibrato (so of course now I'm all self conscious about that).

After singing I headed upstairs and introduced myself to the tech guys and began learning about the program used on the computer to run lyrics, videos, and pictures on the screens and see how they do lights. I caught on pretty quick and enjoyed being upstairs. These guys were cool and witty and I loved hearing the banter between everyone. Within a short time I was actually the one running the lyrics for the rest of the people auditioning.

Some weeks later I was put on the rotation schedule to work in the tech booth on the weekends once a month. I had been in contact with the guy in charge and received additional training. And now I'm a regular. Now while being up there I actually join in on the banter going on during service over the headsets -- harping on the people downstairs working the cameras and who then comment back to us on where we're slacking and what not.

Anyway, just a few weeks ago the guy who was in charge of all the A/V stuff at church resigned because he received a great work opportunity that would be a wonderful benefit to his young family as well as move them closer to their extended families. Now he's gone, and even though I'm still very new I was put on a list of optional people to put in leadership... kind of like people management and scheduling. I was like, "umm... are you sure I should be put on that list?" but whatever, it's okay. Not much is really required as an alternate and many of the other volunteers they had to choose from are teenagers, hence why I was selected.

I was chatting with an acquaintance at church and I off-handedly remarked that I wasn't available a certain weekend for something-or-other because I was working at the church. She didn't know I already had a volunteer position so when she asked what I did and I told her I was working upstairs in the tech booth she was surprised.

"Isn't that more of a guy's role working with all that stuff?"

I smiled and honestly told her that I'd actually never thought about it like that. Then I realized that, yeah, there were only maybe 2 or 3 other women that I'd even seen upstairs. Mostly men were up there. She gave a little power punch in the air and said something about breaking gender barriers. I only laughed. I never saw a barrier. I saw a place where they needed help and I had the skills to step in and do it.

About 2 months after I began regular rotation in the tech booth I was tapped again. This time to sing on worship team once a month on Wednesday night. Doing that is fun... but I've only done it once so far. This month (June) I couldn't do it because I was away on vacation. I'll let you know how that goes in the future.

Besides doing the tech stuff on weekends once a month and singing worship on Wednesday once a month, I have also been cleared to work in the children's ministries. They asked what I was interested in and I told them that I am just available mostly as a sub or to help with check-in. Just another person in the barrel that can be pulled out if help is needed.

Now I feel involved. I feel like I have a place to do my part. There's always more to be involved in when it comes to a church of this size but for now I think I'm good.

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  1. That is so awesome that you have been able to get involved! And go you serving as a techie! You're very smart and I am sure that you do an awesome job (i.e. no coincidence that they wanted you in a leadership role. Go you! :)