Saturday, June 29, 2013

Awana Awards

Still playing catch-up.
Last month, as the school year wrapped up, so did Awana Club at the church.
Will was a first year Cubby and Alanna was a Puggle. They both had a lot of fun and learned more. Will earned all his badges. He also completed his hopper book. I'm glad the teachers took the time to assist him and work hard to understand him while he recited his verses.
my Cubby and Puggle
To finish everything off there was an awards ceremony to recognize all the kids.
And, as you will see below, my photos sucked because the bright lights washed them out!

Alanna sitting at the award ceremony

Will waiting for his turn at the awards ceremony
 As the Cubby group was finishing up I ran upstairs to the tech booth where I usually hang out and snapped off this picture of Will. He was racing above the others to be the front of the line.

Alanna's Particpation Certificate

Will's Certificate of Award

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  1. Congrats to Will and Alanna on their Awanas awards! :) They are so adorable - and getting so big! We need to get together soon. :) Miss you guys!