Tuesday, May 7, 2013

When Spring Sprung

I totally meant to blog about this awhile ago... but I, uh, didn't.

Spring finally did arrive in Ohio. It took its darn sweet time too! I complained nearly the entire winter about how crappy the weather was and then spring slowly crept in.

Back in October I did something I'd never done before in preparation of spring -- I planted flower bulbs.

And to my amazement they actually bloomed!

hyacinths with daffodils behind
My neighbors made lots of friendly comments to me about how lovely and bright my flowers looked. And I admit, I smiled every time I saw them. They really made me happy!

even the tree in my yard bloomed
The flower time is winding down and unless I plant something else to bloom over the summer I will soon be done with flowers. I hope to see them again next spring... and it probably will happen but that all depends on the military, Ryan's graduation, PCSing and what not.

Now the weather is heating up. There have not been a ton of mild spring days and we're right about at the point we arrived a year ago, so I know the humidity will be hitting us soon.

Still not a fan of this state, but at least I can say I grew pretty flowers here.

Oh and thank goodness I don't seem to have allergy issues because apparently this place is in the top 5 cities with the worst allergies. Yuck!

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  1. I had roses already planted in our yard here and this is my 2nd spring of them blooming and they are gorgeous. Ours are winding down too, but they were pretty while they lasted.