Friday, May 24, 2013

Neighbors of Blessings

As a military family we are given the experience of moving every couple years. As I've said before, though it can be stressful I enjoy living in new places and meeting new people.

When we moved here we chose to live in base housing.

Here's the thing -- you don't get to choose your neighbors and you barely even get to choose your house.

I have been realizing lately how incredibly blessed we are as a family to have such amazing neighbors. I'm not sure how we got so lucky. I know almost all the people who live on our stretch of street as well as their kids. And others I know by sight and we wave and our kids play together. Nearly everyone is courteous, friendly, and generally good people. We enjoy the additional goodness of having real Christian believers living all around us.

And what's more? We actually ENJOY each other's company! We make plans to hang out.

Something else that is great is we trust each other with our children. We can hand them off to one another to watch for whatever reason. Today while outside my neighbor several houses down was doing yard work and told his kids riding their bikes they could go as far as my house (and I was out there). So the kids basically came over and played with the toys out of our garage with Will and Lana. I don't have a problem with that because other times we go on walks and end up only going to the end of the street because Will and Lana see their friends and then play with the toys out of their garage.

This is the way it should be.

My kids don't get to be raised the way I was. Parents can't just shove their kids outside and say "play until dinner!" We must actually be present and observant.

Thankfully I have a gang of people who all help watch out for all the children. Somebody needs a potty break at the park? No problem, there are other moms (and dads) available to watch the others.

But these neighborly relationships are also friendships. Somebody is hurting, there's somebody there to help. Lonely? Another person will stop by to make you feel better. Finals Week? Most of us are in the same boat and can totally relate with the venting that must take place. Had a baby? Dinners will be coming! Family tragedy? Deployment? Homecoming? We will rally around to help with whatever you need: watch kids/pets, bring food, allow alone time with spouse, do your yard work, etc.

These people are amazing. I love being in this neighborhood. And I am so thankful God placed us here because this is the type of environment I need to make it through AFIT. Anywhere else the military takes us my neighborhood will have a high bar set for them.

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  1. I am so glad you have such great neighbors! What a huge blessing! :)