Saturday, May 4, 2013

Aviation Trail Part 2

After our time exploring the beautiful and peaceful Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum it was nearly lunch time. We drove to our next destination and enjoyed our lunch in the van.

Where did we go?

Carillon Historical Park.

(Side note: I still mess up when saying the name of this place. I keep wanting to call it "care-ee-yon" like in Spanish when two L's make the "yuh" sound... but it is pronounced "care-uh-lawn" like I'm sure most people would say it)
Deeds Carillon
This wasn't the first time we visited the place but after looking through my blog posts I realized I never posted about it -- we went to Carillon Park in May of last year a couple days after arriving in Ohio. My sister was with me then, and we took the kids out to explore something and let them run. We did get to wander through and see a lot of what was there, but we took a little too long and didn't get to check out everything.

Well, I wanted to go back and see what we missed and we still needed to get another stamp in that passport book to meet our minimum requirement for the Wilbear Wright teddy bears.

We would have eaten our lunch on the grass below the Deeds Carillon, but there were a LOT of children on field trips running and screaming about so I decided to keep my kiddos contained. Then we headed inside.

Since we'd been there before I didn't want to spend much time inside. But we had to ride the carousel!
Lana chose the old school race car
William chose to ride the dog food since there was a puppy coming out of it
Once outside I allowed the kids to wander leisurely and see some of the old houses. Just a few weeks ago a new exhibit opened about the huge Dayton flood of 1913 so of course we had to check that out.
Locust Grove School Number 12 (1896) a one room school house
old style gas station
part of the Dayton Flood exhibit
And I FINALLY was able to see the Wright Brothers Aviation Center. The kids were being a bit squirrelly but we had a nice tour guide who talked us through rooms quickly and tried to help me keep them entertained. I wish I had time to read all that was there... but we did see one of the few remaining authentic bicycles made by the Wright Brothers as well as the actual original 1905 Wright Flyer III, the world's first practical airplane.
bicycle made by the Wright Brothers
actual plane created and flown by the Wright Brothers

The guide spoke with me for some time about the Wright Brothers and told me about Hawthorne Hill, the home of Orville Wright. Tours can be done there also. Turns out I think that was the place I used to turn around once when I got lost on my way to Kettering. Anyway, after Wilbur died Orville pretty much lost his major drive and focus with the airplane and went off spending more of his time "tinkering around" as the man told me. Since neither brother every married I'm sure he was very lonely.
Anyway, we finished up at the Aviation Center and wandered more around the park visiting the bridges, viewing old historical homes, and then back to the visitor's center and finally back to our house.
You would think my little ones were exhausted, but they weren't. As soon as we got home Will and Lana saw their friends at the neighborhood park so we spent the rest of our afternoon there. By bedtime my kiddos were done!

What a fun day! And now we have enough stamps to get that prize!

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