Thursday, May 9, 2013

Alanna's First Haircut

When Alanna was born and very young I called her my "less-haired" baby. She wasn't bald, per se, but she definitely had a lack of hair.

As she grew it only remedied by a bit.

We often go to the barbershop for William to get his haircut, but every time Lana tags along she recites that she doesn't have enough hair for a haircut.

She just turned 3 years old and never received a haircut.

Well, the other week I finally had enough of her messy top and brought her in.

We went to a cute little place geared just to kids. Every station had its very own television and the hairdressers would turn on the child's favorite cartoon to keep them occupied. The seats weren't your normal chairs, they were planes or trains or cars. Every kid got to choose which chair they wanted to sit in. Not surprisingly, Alanna chose an airplane. William also got a haircut, he chose to sit in an old school racecar.
I didn't want to have all my little girl's hair chopped off, but I was hoping that with trimming up the ends and evening things up a bit her wild wisps would become tame.
It only sort of worked.

There is just too much wave and body to her thin, fine locks that even though I brush and comb... unless I make effort to put them up and back it looks like she's a bit crazy.

Then again, it kind of fits her personality perfectly.

Oh, and I did get to keep a lock of her pretty blonde hair.

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  1. She looks so focused and intent it was making me laugh. But that's better than screaming like I've seen some children. I'm guessing it was the TV keeping her attention.