Monday, April 15, 2013

Zoo for Spring Break

A few weeks ago it was Spring Break for William. Thing is, AFIT's Spring Break did not align with any of the local schools' schedule so my original plans of having a short family trip just were not going to happen.

So Spring Break came and our week was following our normal routine of therapy and gym and running errands. By mid-week I was feeling like a horrible mother who did nothing fun with her kids on vacation. I chatted with my friend and we decided to take all our kids and go to the Columbus Zoo together.
Before Friday rolled around, checking the weather it was supposed to be windy. My friend decided they were going to go to an aquarium instead, but I had already talked my kids all up about the zoo and I could not change the plan without guilt and disappointment. But no worries, I am a military wife and I will just pick up and go if I want to.

Friday morning arrived and I loaded the three of us up (with the double stroller) and we began our hour-long trek to the Columbus Zoo.

And we had a marvelous time! The weather was PERFECT with none of the predicted wind.
I packed a lunch and snacks so with our military discount we really did well with our money. We travelled along and looked at animals. Will and Lana chatted about everything they saw and I explained different things about the exhibits. I enjoy how child-friendly this zoo is -- lots to see and do.
There aren't a massive amount of animals in my opinion. But my mom reminds me that not everybody can grow up going to the amazing San Diego Zoo... which will ruin all other zoos for life.
The three of us wandered around and the kids could climb in or out of the stroller as they wanted.
The only real downer of our trip was the rudeness of people. That gets annoying. What's worse is the pride and bragging that comes along with their obvious rudeness. It really grates on my nerves and since I'm not one for confrontation I just moved on and kept my mouth shut. Not a great example parents are making for their own kids.
Anyway... after we left I asked the kids what their favorite parts were. Lana said it was the snakes. Will said it was the elephants. I told them I liked the flamingos.
I redeemed Spring Break! And I think we had a great time.


  1. Looks like fun! I miss having a zoo nearby, yet another con of living in the desert. But live where the AF says is what we do.

  2. Sounds like a great time! I love the picture at the end of the three of you! :)