Monday, April 22, 2013


I think I can finally give myself another description: Runner.

Now, I hate running. I've always hated it. In fact, back in ROTC that is the part of my PFT that I failed every time.

So yeah, I basically suck when it comes to running.

In the fall of last year I started making changes in my lifestyle. Ryan and I joined our local gym and I began working out on the elliptical and some weight lifting. When I wasn't getting results like I wanted I joined Weight Watchers and by November I was down 25 pounds. Whoo!

When the first of the year came around I decided I should buckle down and work on that Couch-to-5K program so many people have been doing. And in this area people are always running/jogging so I felt I should jump in on that.

I had the App loaded on my phone, synced up my workout play list, and started.

After my first couple runs, which were really more like walks, it was getting too cold to be outside so I turned to the treadmill.

I hate the treadmill.

So for the past several months I've been working the program. It has taken me a longer time than usual to complete this 9-week training course. On 2 separate occasions I took hiatuses because of sickness or family visitors. And many times I only did 2 runs a week instead of the scheduled 3... but I have completed EVERY run in order.

With the weather warming up I have returned to the outdoors. It is beautiful!

My first day running out of doors I tracked my best pace and best distance.

It is quite different being outside after all these weeks of training inside. Those first runs outside were rough though... I was really winded and my legs were more tired. Both times I had to walk during my run because I was sucking wind - hard.

Then I met up with one of my friends to jog together. She's been doing this jogging thing for some time longer than I have. She keeps a much slower pace and I LOVED it. I could keep up the whole time, jog without walking, and even do a slight bit of chatting. Who knew?! If I can just keep my pace slower I'm sure I will do great. And one of the best parts? I knew I could have kept going if I needed to. And, should I say it?? I enjoyed it. *gasp*

I jogged (catch that, JOGGED) almost 2.5 miles. If you told me that back in January I would be able to jog 2 miles without stopping I would have thought you were insane. But now I'm looking at signing up for my first 5K -- and after this training program is finished (in about a week) I will start the 5K-10K program.

Note: at this time I have no intentions of going for Half Marathons or beyond. Thank you very much.


  1. Kudos to you! I've never been really into running but I've been getting back into working out the past few weeks and I feel so much better!

  2. I got you on the running! It keeps me in shape (and is required by the AF) so I do it, but I'd much rather bike or swim. I will admit though, it's not that bad-just not prefered.