Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter 2013

Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful and blessed Easter. I'm just now getting around to posting about ours. But at least I'm doing it!

As usual, we had several activities leading up to Easter Sunday. Will had an Egg hunt at school the Thursday before, but I didn't attend since I was already committed that afternoon to filling eggs for the AFIT Egg hunt. I didn't totally blow things off though because I made my little Easter Egg Bunny craft and Will handed them out to all of his classmates. The teacher sent me a note saying that they loved their bunnies and one child said that was his favorite part of the day.

Friday morning was the AFIT Egg Hunt. I had to be there early as an ASPA Board Member to set up so Ryan met me there with the kiddos. What sucked is that despite sequestration and there supposedly being no classes on Friday, Ryan's department has scheduled a mandatory something every Friday so he couldn't attend the Egg Hunt. Later he told me many of the students were not happy to be there in class... especially when their families were having fun just outside the building without them.

Getting ready to start... by the way, it was VERY cold still.

showing off their eggs
when all was finished and we got our snacks we sat down to eat and visit with friends.

Once we left I called my sister and told her about the hunt. I had texted her the picture of the kids with the eggs and then told her how after the hunt my kids joined some of their friends by the building and were throwing the piles of leaves in the air. Then they were all chasing each other trying to get the leaves on them. At one point Alanna had 4 kids chasing her with their hands full of these old leaves... and all were laughing hysterically.

My sister asked why I didn't send photos of them having fun with leaves and that's when I told her that sometimes I just want to enjoy the moments and memories with my kids. My life isn't about documenting every single thing that happens. I think maybe it's a good thing to put the camera (phone) away and just be present in the fun.

Besides doing Easter Egg Hunts we have more things to do with Easter.

This year we made Resurrection Rolls for the first time. Basically you take a large marshmallow (which represents Jesus), roll it in melted butter then in cinnamon sugar and wrap it up in crescent roll dough. Once it is baked you open it up and the rolls are empty... just like Jesus' tomb. While it's baking we read the Easter story in one of the Children's Bibles we own.

our rolls after baking... apparently we didn't wrap up Jesus very well. Oops! But they still turned out the way they were supposed to!

Later Alanna kept saying she needed to eat Jesus. Oh, and now she calls marshmallows "Jesus"... we're working on that. She tells strangers that she ate Jesus. I've gotten some questioning looks.

And of course we dyed Easter Eggs!

By Easter Sunday the Easter Bunny had arrived. (You can see our Resurrection Eggs in the background... we went through the Easter Story with those as well)

And then we headed to church. We were running a tad bit late so we didn't get family photos before heading out. Right before taking the kids to their class we got a few shots of them in their Easter clothes. These ended up being the only pictures of them dressed up because 10 minutes before service ended I was buzzed out of the sanctuary because Miss Alanna had an accident that rendered the wearing of her pretty clothes impossible.

Even I was dressed up for Easter and I made sure Ryan took some photos of me too!
That afternoon the kids and I played outside. Will wanted to drive his new Jeep and we had a couple more of the Easter Egg Bunnies to give to our friends and wish Happy Easter.
It was a good Easter season and it is fun making memories with my kiddos. I want to make a point to be sure Jesus is truly remembered and I think we were successful this year.


  1. Wanted to say that the kids are cute and getting so BIG. And you look AWESOME!

  2. Leave it to the USAF to disrupt life. But I suppose that's part of the package. Your Easter looked like fun! Looking forward to similar good times when my hubby and I have kids.

  3. Oh my goodness!!! I can't believe how big will and Alanna are! So, so cute! Miss you guys!