Sunday, April 28, 2013

Boston Solidarity Run

I haven't posted about the horrible bombings in Boston yet. I wasn't sure what I should say, most people have already said it.

My emotions can be simply summed up in one word: sad.

Everything that happened makes me sad. For the families that lost loved ones. The lives that are forever changed. The bodies now missing pieces of themselves. The wounded. The terror that gripped the people in that city. It's just awful, and makes me sad.

With news of the death and capture of the suspects, I think a collective sigh of relief could be heard across the country. What will happen next? I'm not completely sure. I feel sorry for the family of these young men though. Even if I think their denial is wrong, they have lost somebody they deeply love.

I've never been to Boston. And as you recently discovered, I'm still fairly new to the running community.

A friend posted on Facebook that the local running store was hosting a solidarity run for Boston. It was going to be held at a local high school track. This free event was open to the public and for $20 you could buy a shirt and all proceeds would go to The One Fund Boston to help those affected by what happened. I wanted to go, but not alone... so I asked my friend if she wanted to go. She also required childcare so if I lined it up we would go together.

Thankfully another friend stepped in to watch our 4 kids so Christy and I headed out to the school where we would be meeting up with some other ladies we knew.
 Surprise! There was a massive turn out. Around 2,000 people showed up to run/jog/walk around a high school track.
this is somewhere in the middle of the pack... even more behind us
By the time we got there all the shirts were gone (but we still placed an order to get them later).
this is what the shirts look like
Eventually we all got moving for our 2.62 mile run. Why 2.62 miles? Because it is one tenth of what the marathon is. So basically we were going 11 laps around the track (that's not very specific, but I was with people who were tracking our distance so we did the full 2.62!)

This was my first experience of running with a lot of people. It was weird. Unfortunately not everybody came to this with a spirit of solidarity. They were treating it like a real race going for their best time. Other people were not following track etiquette and walking in the fast lane. There were also strollers, double strollers, wheel chairs, and small children darting in, out, and between people. Additionally, there were freaking 2,000 people on a track! It was very crowded, VERY hot, and we were literally ran into by some rude people. At one point I was jogging (in a center lane) and somebody wanted to pass me and I was going to move over but there was a stroller in the way so the dude pushed me a bit and he shuttled by me.

Anyway, I did it. It was hot and crowded and I didn't actually RUN the whole thing - we walked 1 1/2 laps out of the 11 laps.

In the end I think it was still a good time. I ended up running more with my acquaintance friend Jessica while Christy ran with her other friend Joanna a little bit behind us. It was nice to have somebody to chat with... and that's what made it fun.
me, Jessica, Christy, & Joanna

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  1. Even though it was busy, it looks like a fun run. AND you helped out a good cause. Hurray for you!