Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Another car encounter

Something happened to me last week and I really was not sure how to respond. I mean, what should I have done in that situation? I was completely clueless.

Let me back it up.

At Will's pre-school it is a drop off system. The parents line their cars along the sidewalk and the teachers and aides come outside, remove the child from the vehicle and, taking them by the hand, walk them one-by-one into the school.

It really is a good, efficient system.

And when it is time to pick up the kids the parents again line up in their cars, park, and wait for the line to move as each child is brought out and the parent then buckles them back in the car.

One of the crimps in the system is that the line of parent cars goes through the parking lot, blocking parked cars in. If somebody needs to leave they either sit and wait for the cars to move and provide a break or sometimes a parent in line will move out to let the parked car leave, then get back in line.

Normal business, I've done it myself.

So the kids and I were sitting, PARKED WITH ENGINE OFF, in line. A couple women get in a parked car with the intent to leave. The car in front of me is the one blocking them in, so the driver begins to back up. I look up watching what's going on. I assumed the woman would back up, stop, then pull out of the line to allow the car to leave.

Well... she didn't stop. In fact she backed right into the front of my van.

A look of shock came across my face and since I had my windows down I hear a rather loud "S***!" erupt from inside her car. She then glances back at me and I kind of smile to show I'm not upset. It's an honest mistake and it happens. She didn't hit my vehicle hard - enough to make it move.

Then what happens next it what pissed me off. She pulls out, drives around the loop and parks her car in a different lot. I watch as she walks over to pick up her child (grandson, I think) get back in her car and drive away.

She never stopped to say sorry. She didn't get out and check if anything was damaged. She didn't even wave an apology. Nothing. Just a four letter word and drove off.

I made sure to write down her license plate number just in case when I got out to get Will, if there was damage I would have something.

The only damage was a dent to the license plate frame. No big deal.

I guess the rudeness of the woman is what got to me. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised. The longer I am in this city the more I realize how rude the locals are.

But how do you respond to that?!

Oh well.

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  1. oh man! That's ridiculous. The city I'm in is horrible in the driving arena too. It's like common courtesy and sense are a foreign language nobody understands. I would probably have done the same thing-write down the number and check for damage.