Monday, March 4, 2013

Surviving AFIT

I have had such awful writer's block that I've kind of been ignoring my blog. Everytime I log on the cursor blinks at me and I feel like wincing every time.

To make myself feel less guilty I am posting.

There are plenty of things going on, sort of. It's a lot of the same. Sometimes I feel like I'm just in survival mode because of the AFIT schedule. Ryan is increidbly swamped with his school work and studying that it's usually just me and the kids -- and we do what we have to do. Therapy, gym, school, church, play dates, clean the house, feed the family... that's life. I'm trying not to complain because, honestly, we're doing okay. In the evenings if the hubby is home he'll play with the kids and we'll hang out together before he hits the books again.

I guess you can say that's life at AFIT. Recently I met another woman who has a husband in the same program as Ryan. Her story is remarkably similar to mine. Apparently the Physics students are extremely heavy loaded in homework and their equations are so complex that there is no "fast" pace to it. All the work is very time consuming which means that husbands/fathers are unavailable.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel! I have several friends who will be leaving us soon because 2013 Graduation is only a couple weeks away. Witnessing the joy, relief, and collective exhaling of spouses who have gone through what I'm going through brings me hope. My time is coming. One more year. Just one more year.

And beginning in the fall Ryan should begin working on his thesis. That means his actual work load will (hopefully) be lighter and rumor is that life is easier when thesis work begins.

Sunday I attended a board meeting for the AFIT Spouses. I was voted in as the Masters 2014 Representative again. Anyway, the Chancellor's wife was in attendance and she said something that I'd like to hold on to. I'm paraphrasing, but essentially it was this: Our husbands are special. They were chosen for this opportunity because they are special. They are some of the brightest men (and women) the military has to offer. And as spouses of these special men, we are special as well. Not everyone would be able to handle what we have been given and therefore, we are special. Keep it up. Be supportive and loving. Our time here is short though it seems like eternity. It will be time to move on soon.


  1. Sending you patience as you get through the rest of AFIT. My husband has decided to apply to the OTS board at the end of this year and I already feel it starting to take over our life!

  2. Your friend gave great advice and it's absolutely true. :) I know you are doing a great job holding things together at home while Ryan studies really hard. You're just about half there though - you're almost done! Hang in there. Praying for you my sweet friend! Miss you! :)