Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Book Review: Gods at War by Kyle Idleman

Gods at War: Defeating the Idols that Battle for Your Heart by Kyle Idleman

When you think about the Ten Commandments there are the usual ones people declare they have not committed. Most can say they have never murdered. Many also claim they do not have any idols. According to author and pastor Kyle Idleman, this last assertion is not true. We may not have carved idols in our homes that we bow down to and worship, but we definitely have gods in our lives that battle for the top seat in our hearts.

Once I picked up this book I thought it would be a breeze. It didn't seem too long and I figured he probably might hit on one or two topics that stepped on my toes and make me think but overall it would just be an enjoyable read. Oh, how wrong I was. Idleman goes into specific examples of things people have as idols in their own lives: pleasure, power, love. I would read through one chapter thinking, 'well that doesn't really apply to me' and after turning the page to a new chapter finding myself convicted with pangs of remorse. And it happened often. Gods at War is a powerful read.

Idleman was not condemning. He was matter-of-fact in his approach to what idols are, how the take away from God, and how something that starts out good eventually becomes the all-consuming god we sacrifice everything for. Despite the emotional reaction to the subject matter, the author was entertaining. His little footnotes made me smile and I also enjoyed the QR codes included at the end of several chapters to learn more about the personal testimonies of people he was referencing.

For those who take on the challenge of truly learning from this book, their walk with Christ will be strengthened. What gods are in your life? You may not think that is an issue for you but I guarantee if you read this book it will become clear where your struggles lie.

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