Friday, February 15, 2013

Look for the good

Despite the horrible start to my week I feel I must note some highlights. All in all it wasn't a bad week... just emotionally difficult.

So yes, good things that happened this week:
  • My brother returned from Afghanistan! Whoot! Best part of my week hands down! He is back in Colorado safe and sound. Because of delays my dad wasn't able to stay for the homecoming but my mom was there.
  • The weather was nice enough to allow the kids to play outside and it was fun to chase them all around the playground.
  • I went to the gym and got my workouts in. I reluctantly went. I mostly hated what I had to do. It sucked. I ended up sweating a lot. I am glad that I am improving.
  • I was able to attend Will's Valentine's Day party at school. It was endearing to see how he interacts with some of his peers. Good to talk with a couple other parents and his teachers to learn more about how he is in class. Turns out all the adults love him, call him the 'sweetest boy' and apparently everybody wants to take him home. His classmates are all encouraging and including. He is well-liked.
  • I got a new book... and another one is on the way.
  • Valentine's Day candy. Who needs to say more?
  • Girl Scout cookies arrived. Also enough said.
  • Ryan gave me a dozen red roses and he got Lana 1/2 dozen pink roses. It was so cute. She LOVES them and tells me about how daddy got them just for her and they are her flowers and they are pretty and they smell nice... and all the other adorable prattleing a girl her age goes on about.
  • Although my play date attendance was hampered by sick children, I had a lovely time with my friend Christy and her boys for the afternoon.
  • I received news that two of my friends from New Mexico and their children are planning to visit with me during the summer! I am so thrilled. Not sure how we're going to work everything out but I am smiling just thinking about spending time with these amazing women.
Yes, it was a good week overall. I am thankful I have supportive friends and family who I can talk to and vent with. They can grieve with me, provide encouragement, offer prayer, and lift my spirits. Life keeps going. I may still be sad and heartbroken for my friend, but I continue to carry on and find the joy in the things around me.

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