Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dreary Ohio Winters

I know it's been quiet around here again.

We've been busy, like always.

And I downloaded a couple new apps on my phone that take up my free time so I don't get around to actually blogging because it requires too much thinking... or something along those lines. (hey, I'm behing honest here!)

I'm not a total blogging slacker though -- I have begun at least 4 new posts that I will hopfully finish in the next week or two. And I have 3 book reviews to write.

In the mean time let me just complain that I am not liking the Ohio winter. This crazy state cannot make up its mind when it comes to this season. Should it be in single digits and windy? Maybe just get to the freezing zone and snow. Oh wait, let's make it up to above 65 but have thunderclouds overhead... but the next day let's bring snow again.

I'm not a fan.

The lack of sunshine and blue sky is really getting to me. I am hardly outside at all anymore; only to shuffle between the car and home/buildings. Thankfully this week I was able to go jogging outside during a break in the rain. The wind wasn't so great, but tolerable. Overall a wonderful time and I wish I could do it more often.

My Facebook people are probably annoyed with my whining about the weather, but I can't help it. In Washington it is usually grey and overcast with rain but because of all the beautiful green trees and purple mountains things still looked alive and hopeful. In New Mexico it was almost always brown and dead looking with bitter cold, but the sun and blue sky would be around to greet you everyday and those familiar red 'mountains' gave a lovely hue! Japan was just a haze and the culture kept me on my toes that I really only complained about the humidity or the crazy rainy season.

Ohio is dreary in winter. Everything is brown and leafless. The weather is bi-polar and won't make up it's mind! Urgh! Summer isn't great either -- yucky humidity. But I'm sure the spring will be lovely and bright and I know autumn is beautiful. Guess I have to live for those seasons.

In the mean time maybe I should take my mom's advice and get some vitamin D in pill form to perk me up.

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  1. Vit D is an amazing supplement! I have a huge Vit D deficiency and my PCP told me that Vit D actually acts more like a hormone that anything else and a lack of Vit D can really affect your mood. She also said that the nation, as a whole, has a pandemic Vit D deficiency. It takes a couple of months of taking a huge dose daily, but it does work once your levels get back up. :) *hugs* from sunny ABQ!