Thursday, February 21, 2013


Life has not been exciting lately so that's why my posts have been scarce. We've been busy with our schedules of school, therapies, gym, church, and friends that we haven't done anything very interesting to blog about.

But there is something I haven't shared on here yet.

When William has therapy, Alanna always tags along. Sometimes I feel like we live there.

Anyway, there's a therapist who makes a comment to me all the time that I was unaware of: Alanna looks like a young Drew Barrymore. Like, from the movie E.T.

I saw that movie a LONG time ago and honestly don't remember much of it. So I went online and found a picture of Ms. Barrymore:

Let's compare to my little girl:

Yes, I guess I can see a resemblance. Do you?

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