Friday, January 25, 2013

Ryan has a birthday

My husband had a birthday this week!

Happy 32nd Birthday Babe!
Despite Ryan having classes and homework, we had some good family time.

In the morning I told Will that it was Daddy's birthday so he needed to be sure to tell him 'Happy Birthday.' He did it! My little guy walked with me into the kitchen and wished his daddy, "Hoppy bir-day daddy."

Later, when Ryan came home for lunch, Lana met him at the door and said, "Daddy! It's your birf-day today!"

Ryan was happy with the greeting, "Yes it is! Is it your birthday today too?"

She paused for a second and said, "ummm, no. I think it's just your birfday today."

So sweet.

We kept the party simple. I purchased some yummy cupcakes from the Cakery, put some candles on them and we sang Happy Birthday. Both children joined me in the singing. *melt my heart* Then we had to re-light the candles because Will was upset he didn't get to blow them out.
William was loving the frosting!
Ryan opened his cards and gifts. The highlight gift?? I got him a TI-89 Titanium calculator. Can I just point out that I love my science/math/technology guy husband? He has had a TI-89 since like 2001 and it was definitely time for an upgrade. With all the homework he does for his classes I hope this helps.

I did give him the option of taking it back so he could get something else... like a new Magic Bullet since our current one is dying and one of the blades broke months ago. Or use the money to get the new iPhone. He thought about it but decided he preferred the calculator. This should last him nearly a decade (if not longer) and an iPhone will go for maybe 3 years.
Lana picked out a special brownie she wanted to give daddy for his birthday
And I because he was the birthday boy I made him one of his favorite dinners. Slow Cooker Enchiladas.

Like I said, a simple but good birthday.

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