Monday, January 21, 2013

Hiding Places

Do you remember the weird places that would become your hangout as a child?

I know that when I was little I claimed the hallway storage closet where I put pillows and books and where my little neighbor friend and I would be together. My brother and I would put blankets up on the bottom bunkbed to create a little fort to play in. Oh, and we'd put milk crates together and play inside of those as well.

My children have created their own space. They knocked down all the stuffed animals that hang in a hammock over Will's bed and decided creating a plush bed in the bathtub with them would be awesome.

I told them to give me silly faces and this is what I got...

They would even close the shower curtain and squeal with delight at their clever secrecy.

I love watching how they interact. I love reliving the joys of childhood through them. These are some of the moments that make motherhood such a joy. I recently read that the best gift you can give to your child is a sibling... and I couldn't agree more!

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