Monday, January 7, 2013

Don't mean to keep you hanging

I'm having some issues with Blogger lately so my posting isn't as regular as it was the last few weeks. Argh.

Oh, and some of the blogs I follow have not been showing up in my feed.

This makes me want to switch to Wordpress or something. I know I keep saying that and I STILL have done nothing about it. Oh well.

Hopefully in the next couple days the bugs can be worked out and I'll have my pre-thought-out posts.

What's been happening? Well, we all played in the snow, I hosted a gender reveal party for some friends, Ryan started his classes back up, the Seahawks won again, and I tried to trim my bangs and ended up butchering them in some strange lopsided mess (it's okay, they'll grow back out in a couple weeks).
Preview of coming post: we all play in the snow and the kids help build their first snoman
Our schedule is beginning to pick up speed again. My goal this week is to find out the childwatch hours for the 2 other YMCA's my membership is good for to see if my crazy schdule will coordinate better with one of them. Talking with some friends, they are trying to motivate me to enter the Air Force Half Marathon with them. Ack! I haven't even ran a 5K before! No guarantee the Half Marathon will happen for me, but I would like to get my fitness routine back on track.

Wish me luck!

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