Monday, January 14, 2013

Baby M Gender Reveal Party

About a week ago I hosted a Gender Reveal Party for my friends Mark and Maggie. My friend Cindy helped me with everything. Mark was one of those dads who was REALLY excited about the party since he "wasn't allowed" to attend the baby showers for their two other kids. Maggie was really looking forward to celebrating the fun and finding out if they were having a girl or a boy.
the cute invitations Cindy made
As soon as Cindy and I were together with THE envelope we couldn't wait to open it. For an entire week we had to keep our lips sealed as to what Baby M was going to be.

Overall the party was a success. It was held at the home church of our friends and there was a LOT of food provided since it was mostly pot luck. And because it was not a party just for women it turned out to be a fun social time with families. We even hired our regular babysitter to oversee the children playing in the play room so we could all socialize in the other room with some peace of mind.

Here's a quick overview of our sign in table... I'm going to apologize, most of these photos were not taken at good times so actually certain decor looked better before these photos:
our welcome table, you can see the food spread behind it to the left
We first had a sweet book for all the guests to sign
This was the main part: each guest would tally their vote on the sheet, put their name on the paper to place in the jar. Then every person wore a sticker stating "It's a Boy" or "It's a Girl" to show their vote. It was actually a lot of fun! We included photos of ultrasounds so people could see who they were voting on.
Mark and Maggie called themselves the M4 family since all their names began with M. Now with the new additon Cindy made them this cute M5 to put up in their house. Above that are frames with the story of how Baby M was the surprise after daddy's surgery and also the gender results from Old Wives Tale Tests to help make an 'educated' decision on voting.
It was an overwhelming amount of votes for a boy over a girl.
It's not a party without a couple games. We played the "Right Left" game where 2 gifts were passed in a circle as a story is being read. Anytime "right" is said it moves to the right and anytime "left" is said it moves to the left. We also played "Smell the Poop" where 10 candy bars were melted in diapers and guests had to smell/look/prod the chocolate to figure out what candy it was. The guys at first were appalled with such a game but in the end I think they were the most into it.
You can see one of the diaper cakes we made here. Also, each table had a small photo frame with silly stories mostly about the older siblings and what they've said about the baby.
Now for the actual reveal we had given Mark and Maggie a couple options on how to do it. We could have them cut the cake and it would either be blue or pink. We could have them open a box full of balloons revealing the color. But they chose the third option -- everyone receives a cupcake and at the same time bite into them and reveal either blue or pink cream filling inside.

We didn't have the cupcakes out on pretty display because we didn't want people or children getting into them and spoiling the surprise. So when it was time, we brought out the box and allowed guests to grab their own.
Right before the reveal, Mark and Maggie were to skype or face time and be on the phone with certain family members. It sort of worked out, but I wish we had tried to get it all lined up earlier so that part of the celebration didn't lag as much.

Then it was finally time to find out --

What will Baby M be? A GIRL! Whoot!

Then there was a drawing for who would win another prize out of who guessed the baby was a girl.

Of course Maggie then opened her gifts. Since Cindy and I were the only ones who knew the gender we had girl gifts. I actually had time to whip up a fairly simple baby quilt!
taken at the beginning of the party so there were actually more gifts than this
The quilt -- doesn't show all the detail of the fabric pattern, but it was cute!
Yes, a successful party! I'm so glad it all turned out well and that Mark and Maggie were happy as well. Now we only have a few weeks until baby makes her appearance!
Me, Maggie, and Cindy
It's a bad pic of me, remeber my butchered bangs? And this was the end when we were nearly done cleaning up so my hair styling was completely gone.

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  1. What a fantastic idea! It sounds like it was a great time! And very creative. :) You're a great friend Sierra. :)