Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A First Snowman

A couple days after my children's first real experience with snow we had fun as a family outside.

We chased each other, threw snowballs, and made a little snowman. Will and Lana thought THAT was the most fun!
Getting ready for our little snowball fight
Will thought seeing mommy and daddy running and throwing snowballs at each other was hilarious
Lana's reaction when she would get hit with a snowball
Will liked knocking the snow off the fence
William and I throwing snowballs at each other
Comforting his little sister after yet another snowball episode
Working on our little snowman
It's a snowman!
love this
It was a fun time, making memories as a family
Alanna wanted to keep adding to our snowman
Trying for a smily shot while daddy throws a snowball at mommy.

It was a fun time together. The little neighbor kids watched us through their window and it was uplifting to see them laughing and smiling at us and my kids. What a blast!

Oh, and Nana saw my post before about our improvising snow clothes so she sent new snow pants and coats! No complaints here! Thank you, Nana! Can't wait for another good snow day so we can put them to good use!

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