Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Therapy Update

my little goofball!
It's been a little bit since I've done an update on Will's therapy.

What's to say?? He's doing great.

In speech we are addressing specific sounds. He now had medial "N" down pretty well (such as penny, money, pony, Mona) and he's gettin the initial "H" nearly always (hot, heat, home, hat, hurt). Currently we are addressing initial "F" (first, fat, fun, face) and his SLP is having some trouble still. We're working on it at home as well.

The other problem is that William does not have his vowel sounds quiet yet. This makes much of his speech difficult to understand unless you are aware of his substitutions. Often ham sounds like home, for example. We are all addressing it as it comes up, which is regularly.

In Physical Therapy he is getting better balance, working hard on catching a ball, and is doing fairly well on standing/hopping on one foot. We're also trying to get him to step and throw or step and kick. Adding in more motions that he has to think about make movement difficult for him.

For Occupational Therapy we are still trying to get a proper pencil grasp. Sometimes just adjusting it in his hand does the trick, but he usually clenches his fingers hard to hold it in place and then complains that it hurts him. His copying of shapes is coming along as is tracing letters. Hit cutting with scissors is dramatically improved.

We began feeding therapy as well again. Both the SLP and the OT address this during their sessions. During speech, his therapist works on Will's biting and chewing. His jaw tires easily still and then he will move the food around in his mouth with his fingers so we're trying to find something he likes to help strengthen those muscles (like starburst or gum). During occupation therapy, his therapist is working on getting him more tolerable to textures -- mostly meat. That is our new focus, getting William to eat chicken without drama.

William seems to be doing good in school. In the past few weeks his teacher has related some behavior problems and we've dealt with that so hopefully he will improve. He likes to be the leader in class, is sharing toys with classmates, trying to verbally communicate with peers, and particiaptes in during circle time. His teacher comments that Will likes to run around the playground with the other kids and he actually runs very fast.


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