Monday, December 24, 2012

The Adventures of Nini 2012 Part 2

**See Part 1 Here**

Nini is leaving tonight. He has finished his time of overseeing and reporting back to Santa... and when the big man arrives, our little elf friend will go with him. But we shall see him again next year.

The kids have enjoyed our time together. Here is the second half of Nini's adventures in our home.

Nini hanging around above our dining room table
In the entryway above the coat rack
peaking out from the wall decor in the living room
reading a story to his new friends
sugar angel on the table
being mischevious with the toothpaste in the bathroom
being an artist
zipline across the living room
movie and popcorn for family night
saying goodbye and bringing reindeer food for the evening

Looking forward to next year! Goodbye Nini!


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