Sunday, December 23, 2012

Some Christmas Festivities

I don't know how many times I have admitted it, but we have great neighbors. We could not have been blessed to live next to better people.

Since we all have children in similar ages and all of us seem to get along a little party was planned for our specific neighborhood. Several weeks ago a name drawing was done so each child would pick a book for another child and every one would have a gift.
don't they look so cute in their Christmas shirts?!
The actual party was organized chaos, but a lot of fun. The parents sort of chatted and the kids ran around playing. Then we ate pizza and Santa arrived. One of the dad's dressed up for the kids. He then passed out the books. This was before we did our Santa visit, so Alanna would not get close to the man. Then she sees all the kids getting presents and sees William get his book and be all excited so she starts crying that she wants a present. About that time I see that Santa has one gift left and is calling Lana's name, so my little girl shyly walks up to him and receives her gift.

As I mentioned, William was VERY happy with his book.
After gifts and eating it was time for the sugar cookies. Every child was allowed to decorate a couple cookies and eat them.
There may have been more after the cookies but we had to go. It was getting past bedtime and I needed to round up my kids before things went wild.

I loaded in the kids and we drove around housing looking at Christmas lights. They LOVED it, especially Will. My end goal worked -- Alanna was asleep before we returned home.

The following night Will and Lana asked that we all go out to see the Christmas lights again. Daddy was able to go along since finals are over. It was a lovely outing and something that will probably become a family tradition.

Oh, and Santa drove through our neighborhood in a "tank" while his posse was giving out candy canes. William was napping so he missed the fun. I thought Santa was supposed to come through a couple hours later, so when we heard the music we were definitely not prepared. Lana had just woken up so I grabbed her, wrapped her in a coat, put slippers on and went outside. Lots of smiles!

*not my pic... I didn't get any pics, so I took this from my friend/neighbor R.C-G.

There is so much to do during this Christmas season. It is fun! I can't wait to share more!


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