Saturday, December 22, 2012

Santa Visit

Brrrrr! It is COLD in Ohio right now. We received a dusting of snow and it has been icy!

We braved the wind, snow flurries, and traffic to head over to The Greene for the kids to see Santa.

Now Alanna has been looking forward to seeing him for quite some time. I even asked her what she was going to tell Santa she wanted for Christmas and she said, "a doll house." She was so excited!

When we asked William he said he was going to ask for light bulbs. He didn't seem as excited, but he was happy about going to see Santa! He had the air about him of a pro... he's seen Santa plenty of times before!

Once we stepped inside I was happy that nobody was even in there. We chose to go to this Santa rather than the mall Santa because Mrs. Clause reads stories while you wait... but that wasn't necessary. We waited maybe 3 minutes before Will and Alanna stepped up to see Mr. Clause.

Surprisingly, Alanna was timid while Will stepped right up. I couldn't hear if they actually shared what they wanted for Christmas but both seemed content. Then it was time for photos.
This is the best we got.

Alanna would NOT smile. Will did some cheesy smiles but we at least got a somewhat happy face in this shot. The girls took a couple more pictures of them... one pose reading a book, another post just looking at Santa.

After they hopped of Santa's lap and got their suckers they both went into normal mode and were smiling and laughing and checking out the fake fireplace.
Goof balls. Gatta love 'em.


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