Monday, December 3, 2012

PWOCI Conference 2012

I'm now realizing I never posted about PWOC International Conference!


It was a great experience and I'm so glad I was able to go.

I drove down with my new friend instead of taking the chapel bus down so we could leave a bit later in the day. It took about 5 hours to get from Dayton to Nashville.

The conference was being held at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center. That place was beautiful! And so incredibly big! The glass ceilings, the shops, the Christmas decorations going up… all were just lovely!
The Cascades Lobby
Delta Island

The day we arrived was also the night of the CMA's so there was a lot of commotion since the awards were being held in Nashville and, HELLO, we were literally right next to the Grand Ole Opry! We saw some very pretty people leaving in limos just as we were coming in.

Overall the conference was great. Laura Story was our worship leader (with her cute little 7 week old baby) and Mary Kassian was our speaker. That's not all though, we had several chaplains speak as well… and not just any chaplain -- these chaplains wore stars. Yes, Generals. And they brought some amazing words that were powerful and impacting.

Besides our general sessions there were breakout sessions we were able to attend. Each of the ones I went to were good, some better than others, but I came out with more knowledge than I went in with.

Other than the great teaching that took place I had some great personal things happen as well. First off, I got to know some of the women from my base better and now consider them friends. Secondly, I got to meet up with some friends from New Mexico (and one who PCS'ed to Japan) which literally brought tears to my eyes. I didn't realize how much I missed them and how good it was to see them again. And thirdly, I am now going to facilitate a special study for our base in the coming year. (I'll get more into that in a future post)
new friends Cindy & Christina

friend Hang from New Mexico
New Mexico friends: Natasha, Lindsay, Susan

With Susan Miller, Founder/President of Just Moved Ministries
Outside of the conference I was able to try out some great food at different restaurants, shop for clothing at the awesome outlet mall next to the resort with women who could honestly help me find stuff to wear, and I also went to the Grand Ole Opry.

Actually I didn't go INTO the Grand Ole Opry. They were closed for the season, but I did go into the gift shop and buy a cowboy hat. Guess that means I will have to go back in the spring to take a tour…

It was an amazing experience. PWOC has been a blessing to me and I know personally how life-changing it can be. For any of you military women who read this blog, find your local PWOC and start attending, you'll be glad you did.



  1. Love this! I was just on the phone with someone from Just Moved and told them about you and your experience meeting Susan! I came on your blog to get your last name to tell them and she said she'd let Susan know about your new venture starting a group and the many blessings Just Moved has given me. LOVE this ministry! <3

  2. Yay for PWOC! I know that it was an awesome time - the ladies here have shared some amazing stories! I'm so glad that you were able to go. I have to say that watching the video Hang made of a lot of pictures, in which you were in several, brought tears to my eyes. I so wish I could have been there and seen you. Miss you! I did get lots of hugs from you via the ladies who went - thank you so much! :)