Saturday, December 1, 2012

My little chatterbox

My brother who happens to be in Afghanistan curtly reminded me that I needed to post something on this blog.  So now I'm posting again.

You. are. welcome.

I know I have mentioned the strong, feisty, and opinionated daughter I have. This girl cracks me up. She always has something to say. Quite the chatterbox. And she's ALL GIRL.

Anything princess or Tinkerbell just lights up her life. Right now she's actually really into watching Madagascar 3 -- the circus one. That's what she calls it, "Circus"… and I hear that at least 4 times a day, "Mommy, I wanna waash Sir-kus."

Photo taken while she was watching her "Circus" movie.
Because of her current circus obsession she then will provide animal noises while we drive or shop or walk around. She tells me what lions, tigers, bears, and kitties say - loudly. Then I ask her what little lions, tigers, bears, and kitties say and she tells me, "wittle wions are ky-it" and she then overly exaggerates whispered roars. I tell you, I was in stitches laughing so hard at her.

Her child talk isn't always so great though. She has no filter.

We were at the commissary and while picking up some sour cream an attractive, well-dressed black lady comes up beside us. Lana looks at her and then tells me "I don't like her."

I tell her that's not nice and we don't say things like that and that I like the lady 'cause she's nice.

She then starts almost crying saying, "I don't want her to come wiff us. I don't like her. Don't wet her come wiff us!"

I apologize to the woman and she smiles at me politely but I can tell it's awkward. Then I tell Lana the woman is not coming with us. She has her own car. And then I emphasize that Lana is not being nice.

She repeats on a loop her concerns (she doesn't like the lady, she doesn't want her to go with us, etc) and then goes a bit hysterical when the woman begins heading in the same direction we are going down the next aisle.

After the woman has completely passed us (because I stopped walking so she could move on without my daughter embarrassing her and I could reign in the emotional outburst) I continued and Alanna calmed down.

I still have no idea why she had such a negative response to that woman. She hasn't done it since.

With the Christmas season upon us Alanna is very interested in Santa and I have discovered using Santa as a behavioral tool can be great while shopping -- "if you aren't a good girl Santa won't bring you toys…"

"I want Danta to bing me some toys, I be a good gurl!" Works like a charm!

And she's very excited about Jesus' birthday.

She's so lively and imaginative, I love her.


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