Saturday, December 29, 2012

First REAL Snow Day

William and Alanna had their first real experience playing in snow this week!
We had a storm blow through the day after Christmas and blanketed everything in several inches of white, powdery snow.

The only real thing that sucked is that Will had a therapy appointment at 9 am that morning so we had to drive through some horrible roads to get there. It was not fun. A commute usually takes me about 25 minutes took over 40 because the plows could not keep up with the weather.
Anyway, in the afternoon the "storm" had passed and it was safe for the little ones to play outside.
Now I realize how unprepared we are for this weather. First off, we did not own a snow shovel. Nor do we own the de-ice stuff to put on our driveway after the snow has been shoveled. And the kids did not have snow pants that fit. In the following pictures Alanna is wearing a size 18 month snow suit -- she wears 3T. Under Will's coat and pants is a warm semi-snow suit I bought for him in Japan which was also probably an 18 month size. They are both wearing between 3 and 4 layers of clothing. Oh well, at least we have snow gloves and snow boots!

They both LOVED the snow. Alanna keeps saying she wants to make a snow man. The day after our snow day Ryan showed Will how to make and throw snowballs... he thinks it's hilarious.

They ran. They jumped. They laid in the snow. It was so much fun to see them enjoying it.
We took a short walk to the hill near our street. Some kids were sledding. Will and Lana were rivited and wanted to do it. Of course, we also don't own sleds. But one of the neighbor boys allowed Will to borrow his to go down the hill. Of course my son instantly became a fan. One of the dad's had a two person type sled so both William and Alanna went down the hill a couple more times. By then we had been outside long enough and I was fairly cold so we headed back home.
We now must get our own sleds so they can enjoy the fun more often this winter. We also should probably invest in some snow pants.

Let's hope this winter isn't too harsh... but I wouldn't mind a several more days for my children to play in snow like little kids should!


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