Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.
Ours was good. Just the four of us. It was fairly relaxing and restful. We did Skype with our families and see them open presents we sent home -- that was nice, but definitely not the same as all of us being together.

The kids had so much fun opening their gifts!

Alanna just wouldn't stop opening. She would toss aside gifts quickly so she could move onto the next. She didn't really ignore them, she gave a nice "ooOOoo" or "preddi" or some other short comment.

William on the other hand took his time, opened the gift, looked at it, and decided if it was worth playing with at that moment. It took some effort to bring him back to his pile of wrapped items sometimes.

Since it was just us we kept our tradition of reading the Christmas story from Luke 2. Ryan likes Cinnabon on Christmas morning but I didn't know where one was so I bought some Pillsbury Cinnabon rolls to make at home. Ryan was up early and put them in the oven but neither of us heard the timer go off... so no sugary rolls with Christmas this year. Another tradition is having some pictures of the kids by the tree.
With our small family we sat on the floor next to the tree and I began sorting presents. Will sat with Ryan and of course Lana took over her own space. Then we just allowed them to choose a gift to open. They sort of went one at a time...

Will showing off some new clothes... you can't see it, but he has a super excited look on his face
After they were finished, Ryan and I began opening our gifts -- and our Skype calls began. The kids were, at that time, enamored with their toys and figuring out how they all worked.

When I was chatting with my brother in Afghanistan he asked about the Lincoln Logs he sent for Will. We didn't have any Lincoln Logs and I then realized Will still had a big present sitting on the couch. Mike got to see Will open his gift and the happy reaction that went with it. I think that's what makes Christmas so special -- seeing it through the children.

Our gifts were fun this year. We received many of the items from our lists.

For Ryan I got him 12 Dates. I'd seen the idea on Pinterest and then altered it to fit us and what we like to do. For the next year, once a month, a date has been planned and, most notably, funded for hubby and I to enjoy. I'm so excited! Ryan appeared to be happy with it as well. He knows his new iPhone comes later.

My "big" gift is something I specifically asked him for. I am in desperate need of a makeup overhaul. Everything needs to be replenished or replaced. Everything. Brushes, foundation, concealer, blush, eye shadows, eye liner, mascara, lipstick... like I said, everything. And I don't exactly go for cheap stuff. There are a couple places I'd like to check out before deciding on going for new brands so instead of a gift card he gave me a special gift certificate of cash for what I want. It may not seem like much to some people but I am totally thrilled with it.

With the money left over (if any) I'm adding it to the several Amazon gift cards I have in my possession to purchase a new camera. It's a win/win!

Once everything calmed down we settled into watching some of the kids' new movies and cleaning up.
Christmas present pajamas, Scentsy Buddy (frog), Tiana doll, and gingerbread cookie... all while watching the new Tinkerbell movie.

And one of the best parts of Christmas?? The new Doctor Who episode! --- I know, I'm such a nerd.

How was your Christmas?


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