Saturday, December 8, 2012

AFIT Holiday Ball 2012

Last weekend Ryan and I attended the AFIT Holiday Ball. It was organized by the AFIT Spouses Association (I'm on the board) -- our ASPA President did a TON of work and it all came together wonderfully!
The party was held at the Nutter Center. We had Wright State AFROTC Cadets there to assist with checking in, coat check, color guard and the National Anthem. Free child care was also provided by some girl scouts - but we used our regular babysitter so our kids would be asleep in bed when we came home.

The program was kept pretty short - just brief introductions, POW/MIA table, don't drink and drive stuff, and a message from Dr. Stewart (Chancellor of AFIT). Dinner was served, a bar stocked for drink purchases, there was a DJ with a dance floor, a photographer available for pictures, and a table of raffle prizes that were given away at the end of the evening.

Getting ready was entertaining. I got my hair and makeup complete, put on my jewelry and stepped into my shape wear. Lana then tells me I look very pretty in my swim suit (darling girl, I was not wearing a swimsuit). I had borrowed a formal dress from a friend and when I put it on I realized it was MUCH too big! Crap! I figured if I shrunk in size a little bit my other formal dress might fit!
I forgot to take a pic of my hair before I left so this is after we came home and my curls had relaxed. Lana called this hair clip my "princess crown"
This dress is what I wore over 7 years ago to Ryan's commissioning. I was able to wear it again! Of course I didn't have a strapless bra because I wasn't planning on wearing the gown, but it fit tight enough on the top that I just shoved my straps into the bodice and nobody was the wiser. In fact I probably could have gone sans bra and been totally fine.
William told me I looked very pretty and he liked my "sparkles" and Lana said I was wearing a princess dress
I was so thrilled to fit into the dress, let me tell you! Unfortunately there was no hook and eye at the top and my zipper kept slipping down in the back so while at the ball I procured a safety pin and my friend helped me fix the issue.

Ryan also looked super handsome in his mess dress. I love a man in uniform! He thankfully still fit into it and the only thing required to have it ready was get his shirt laundered, update his medals, and press his pants.
The night was fun. It was full of laughs. I totally revel in big social gatherings so I could have stayed all night. Ryan is a bit more reserved and we left after 10 pm. That did give me time to do rounds through the room and talk with many people, meet spouses of my friends, introduce my husband to our babysitter's parents, and get to know some acquaintances better.
ASPA Board
Allyssa and I
With friend Bekah
Me with Christy and Diana
Cindy and I
My neighbors Maggie and Mark. Their baby is due in about a month.
She is active duty and Mark is former military.
We didn't dance at all… and apparently the crazy, somewhat drunk, dancing happened after we left.

The next day I commented to Ryan that the AFIT Holiday Ball was one of the "classier" events we had attended. The formal aspect I'm sure helped… but we didn't see the embarrassing drunk behavior often observed, there were no punches thrown (yes, we've seen that at military functions before), everyone presented themselves in a professional manner but at the same time we were all friendly and had fun. Ryan said it was probably because everyone present is an officer or NCO (no very young, immature, or irresponsible personnel) and with the responsibility of being in AFIT surrounded by faculty and leadership, people were probably on their best behavior. I think he was probably right.



  1. You look so amazing! I'm so glad that you had a great time! :D It sounds like a really fun night!

  2. You got rid of the code thingie! Yay!!!! I always end up putting that thing in after 4 or 5 times . ..