Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day 2012

On Veteran's Day I always reflect on the proud history of my family members serving in the Armed Forces.

I think about my grandfather who served in the Navy at the end of WWII and witnessed the atomic bomb testing done in the Bikini Atolls.

I think about my dad who retired from the Navy and my brother who is active duty in the Army.
My brother and dad right before Mike deployed
And of course I think about my husband who I follow around in the Air Force. What an adventure it is! I love ya babe!

I love this pic! It's right before Ryan left for school and of course the kids were all over him.

What a privilege it is to be in a country with an all-volunteer force - men and women who choose to fight and defend our freedoms. Did you thank anyone for their service??

And on a side note-- it was the weekend of Veteran's Day in 2003 when Ryan and I first truly met setting up the Veteran's Day Memorial for ROTC. Who knew that day would change my life?!


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  1. Hope you're enjoying Ryan's day off together! (and Happy 'truly met' Anniversary!)