Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This one time, in Ohio...

Finally! The elections are over.

No, I'm not satisfied.

But it is what it is and I believe that ultimately God is in control so we shall move on.

That doesn't keep me from feeling a sadness and helplessness in the direction our country is going. I just hope and pray that Obama does better this term and we get this country on track.

Though we currently live in Ohio, hubby and I are not residents of this state. We are actually registered voters in Washington.

I almost didn't vote this year. After all our PCSes I was considered an inactive voter because my ballots had been returned (wrong address on file). In New Mexico I tried to get it fixed but had difficulty and eventually gave up. Ryan received his ballot and voted then called the auditor's office about something which was quickly resolved then he said, "my wife is having some issues too," and handed me the phone.

A quick 5 minutes later my ballot was on its way.

So I did vote! I'm glad I did, even though things did not go my way.

Anyway, back to Ohio... I previously thought Washington state had awful political attack ads... I had no idea. Ugh, it is UGLY in Ohio. I am most thankful that those ads are finished! On election day Obama called my house, twice. It was just a recording but it made me laugh. He said he needed my vote and blah, blah, blah. Then the recording said something like I was an eligible voter in the area and go to a certain website to find where I should vote. I laughed because, as I wrote above, I am a registered voter for Washington and I had sent in my ballot over a week prior.

After all was said and done there were a couple friends I joked with telling me I should have become an Ohio voter so I could give some assistance. I don't think my single vote would have done much to help.

I realized during this election that I have never had the full voter experience of standing in line, showing my ID, going in an inclosed space and privately voting. Since I became of age to vote I have been absentee. It is much more laid back, sitting at my dining room table reading over my options, voting, then chatting with my hubby afterwards about what we choose and why.

I thought about it today... I'm glad I'm absentee. I fear I would be lazy on election day (or like this year stuck at home with a sick kid) and not go to the polls. Being an absentee keeps me on top of things.

Now I feel like I'm rambling. To close this out, I just want to say that I still believe in our electoral system, I'm proud to be an American and have the ability to vote, and regardless of how you vote (red, blue, green, absentee or in person) I hope if you were able to vote that you did it!


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  1. I had the EXACT opposite experience :) This was my first time voting out of my home state of Missouri - so I had to mail my ballot in here in Washington. I missed standing in line & feeling a validation on Election Day. Sorry things didn't go your way :-/ Here's to hoping for a better four years!!