Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Gobble, gobble
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! Ours was actually pretty decent and overall I would say it was good.

William had been learning about Thanksgiving at school so every day we would try to talk about things and mention what we were thankful for.

Of course we also had to watch the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movie… that's a given.

The day before Thanksgiving my friend told me about the local library doing story time. I packed up the kids and followed her over there. I'm so glad we did!

I was able to observe William in an unfamiliar environment listening to the 'teacher' and fully participating in songs, movements, and book interaction. It made my mommy heart so proud! I could tell he was loving story time. I'm just sorry we cannot go on a regular basis because we have something scheduled weekly during that time already.

Alanna also enjoyed story time… but not as much as her brother. She was more interested in being in her own world, standing of the book being shown to everybody, dancing/prancing around while everyone was to be sitting, refusing to sing or do any motions to the songs, and then only wanting to sit on my lap. But she was not the only young child who did not sit quietly and there were some other little ones who were more of a distraction so I didn't feel as bad.

Both of my kids were paying attention though. You ask either of them what a turkey says and they can tell you. Will holds up his hands and kind of opens/closes them like a bird mouth while saying "gobble, gobble" and Alanna does a cute little wobble back and forth while leaning her head side to side and saying "gobble, gobble". I love it!

For actual Thanksgiving I spent the morning in our kitchen while trying to have the children entertained with the Parade (Lana liked the Rockettes and the Dora float. Will also like Dora and the cheerleaders at the beginning).

What did I make? Blackberry pie and crust from scratch, my yummy sour cream potatoes, stuffing, cranberry pumpkin muffins, and a full 13 pound turkey.

We were meeting up with friends for Thanksgiving dinner and Ryan likes leftovers so I made our own turkey so he would have stuff to eat. I also brought more turkey meat to share at the dinner.

Celebrating with friends was great. Being away from family during the holidays can be hard, but when you have amazing people to step in that makes Thanksgiving fun. We all chatted, watched the kids playing inside and outside at the park, enjoyed a FULL SPREAD of Thanksgiving yummy foods, and of course the game was on.
partial view of the dinner
dessert table 1
dessert table 2
Thinking back now, I truly appreciate the awesome people we have met here and who have become our friends.

And without much difficulty the things I have to be thankful for just start coming to mind. There is so much to be thankful for. God has truly blessed us.


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