Monday, November 5, 2012

Review: iPad app - Beginner's Bible

When I heard about this new iPad app I was definitely interested. Of course I'm familiar with the Beginner's Bible! I have seen them at different homes and at church and we actually own one. The stories are simple for kids to understand and a great way to have them start learning their Bible stories.

The app was free so I happily downloaded it to our iPad. Immediately my 2-year-old daughter took to it and is now her current favorite "game" to play.

On this app there is the choice to read the stories (with cute illustrations and simple interactive animation) or play games. The games are where we spend more of our time. My daughter likes the puzzles and my son prefers the Sneaky Snake apple slicing game. Both are very simple for very small children aged toddler to preschool... but older than that they may not enjoy the app as much. Early elementary aged children will probably get more out of the reading part.

I do have issues and suggestions about The Beginner's Bible iPad app. First off, it crashes a lot. I'm not sure what's wrong but sometimes it crashes as soon as it opens and other times it crashes right in the middle of a game or story. Re-starting our iPad has helped. Also, with the puzzle game I think there should be an option to tap a button to re-set the pieces once the puzzle is complete without tapping the back arrow and then re-launching the puzzles. Doing so would help with an impatient child who just wants to keep working on puzzles. On the coloring options I think allowing different size brushes would also make it more fun -- and I will add that I love the magic color option.

Overall this is a fun, easy app for small children and I may look into purchasing the story packs so we have more options to play with. Even without the additional purchases I think the free app is still great.

I was asked to review this app and was not required to give a positive response. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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