Thursday, October 18, 2012

Working a therapy schedule

Sometimes I feel like we just need to move in at Will's place of therapy. I feel like we have to be there enough to warrant room and board!
not at therapy, but here are the kids putting their letter puzzle together
Before Will started school, all his therapy was in the afternoon. That gave me time to attend play groups, do lunch, run errands, go to the gym, anything I needed to get done I could get done early in the day. Then Will started school and was placed in a later class so all of his therapies had to be moved to the morning... therefore causing trauma to my schedule.

We are finally starting to settle. I have to drive out to the nearby town 3 days a week. Thirty-minute speech sessions twice a week and an hour of Physical Therapy followed immediately by an hour of Occupational Therapy once a week.

This past week we finally had Will's feeding evaluation and we're going to attempt to just graft that into his other sessions.

We are getting known there. The secretary enjoys my kids arriving and both of them adore sitting with her "helping" and coloring her some pictures. Many of the therapists have worked with William individually so they are all welcoming and friendly. I'm getting to know some of the other parents/children/nurses that have the same appointment times so we have a sort of camaraderie.

I will say that our transition from afternoons to mornings did not go smoothly. The location we go to is popular and they have many great therapists. I was on the waiting list for PT and OT and we had to get a different SLP for one of our sessions. We wanted to keep Jessica (SLP) for both sessions but absolutely nothing was open on her schedule. She talked with me and asked me flat out when was the best time. I told her. It was a specific day at a specific time so I could still attend a weekly meeting... and it was definitely not available.

I'll be honest, I was bummed because my weekly appointment is important to me. So I did what I usually do when things aren't going smoothly -- I prayed.

The following week at our appointment Jessica came up to me and said, "you'll never guess what appointment just became available!" Yup, the very one I wanted. Isn't that awesome?! The family randomly brought up that the time wasn't working and they needed something else. A perfect solution.

Now I'm starting to figure out how to plan my days since we're on a regular therapy schedule again. I'm getting in gym time, bible study, errands, board meetings, doctor appointments, dentist appointments, church activities, direct sales parties, AFIT Spouses outings, play times, and date nights. Still trying to squeeze in more of my personal leisure activities like sewing and reading but I'm not doing so great at that right now. This probably also explains why I haven't been posting very often.

Oh, and apparently while talking with my PWOC ladies they all said that I am a busy woman. I was trying to say that I'm not THAT busy but I realized that I actually am.


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  1. Girl, I totally understand! Mondays we have OT and 2 hours of ABA therapy. Tuesdays are feeding therapy, Wednesdays are 2 hours of ABA and OT, Thursdays are feeding therapy and Fridays are 2 hours of ABA again. Between all that I also have to fit in counseling and doctor's appointments and I am supposed to fit in Speech somewhere too! I barely have time to do play dates and such. I feel you, but like you said, prayer helps. :)