Monday, October 22, 2012

Growth Stimulation Test

This past week I got to spend several hours in the Children's Hospital.

It's okay. Nobody was hurt... William had a growth stimulation test.

Let me back up:

When we were in the hardcore part of dealing with William's diagnosis and doctors wanting to find out if anything else was going on or if there was a cause to Will's apraxia, he had an MRI done. On that MRI they discovered a small pituitary glad. We went to an endocrinologist in Albuquerque who ran some blood tests (which all came back fine) and did a bone growth scan. On the bone growth scan, William was only a few months behind where he should be -- his body was only a little younger than his actual age. We checked in a couple more times with the endocrinologist for follow-ups but she said that although Will is small he is okay.

Now we are in Ohio and part of moving here is having re-checks with the specialists for Will. Off we go to the local endocrinologist.

He reviews Will's case and we talk more about what's going on. The doctor takes in all our information, looks over what the other endocrinologist has done, and shows us some stuff that is all doctor-y.

There is apparently a special little calculation to show how tall a child should be when he is full grown. I'm not sure of everything but it's along the lines of taking the height of the mother and adding five inches and averaging it against the father, or something like that. Blah, blah. The doc said that Will should be around 5'10" when he is an adult. With this established there is a growth curve that Will should be following -- he's not in the right place. He is nearly a year behind from where he should be.

We had another bone scan and received the results today. William's bones show the age of a 3 1/2 year old, not the 4 1/2 year old that he is. This is good news! That means Will likely has an extra year of growing. It also means he'll also likely hit puberty a year behind his peers. But that's okay too since we're probably holding him back a year and starting kindergarten late. (That's a topic for another post)

The next step, which we have now already completed, was to get a growth stimulation test to see how much of the growth hormone Will produces and how his body responds to it.

Ryan stayed home with Alanna so it was just me and my boy. We had to show up at the hospital before 7 am and settle into our room. Will was given an IV (which he really did not like) and at 8 am they took some blood. Apparently that is when your body naturally has the highest levels of growth hormone. Then we had to wait because somebody didn't put in the prescription for the medication...
hanging out in our little room, IV in place
Once the medication arrived Will had to take something orally and another was put through the IV. I'll be honest, I'm not exactly sure what it was or what it was supposed to do, but the nurses had to come in every 20 minutes for the first hour to draw blood and then every 30 minutes for the second hour. This blood will be tested to see what his hormone levels do and whatever else they're supposed to test.

So we were in the hospital for quite awhile. Will did not like those nurses messing with his IV to take blood but we figured out a method for me to keep him calm. Then he slept for most of the testing after that and I got to finish a book I am reviewing. Once we finished up the test they had to be sure Will could keep down food... but he dozed off again so we had to wait. Then he ate and we could go home.

I had brought a bag full of things I know he liked to play with from home but the highlight for Will was the special remote control he could push buttons and make the TV and room lights turn off and on. Of course.
Will and the remote
Now we get to wait a couple weeks before we have results back. From there we will find out what the plan will be.


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