Monday, September 3, 2012

Taking a trip -- a plan!

When it comes to taking a vacation I am a planner. It's not that I'm opposed to spontaneity once I get somewhere, but I want to have an idea of where I'm going, map out the route, get lodging, and look into options of things to do once I'm there. Of course when I arrive at my destination I enjoy talking with people to find out other interesting places to check out, either locally or for future vacations or even on our drive home.

After a place is decided upon I immediately search for nearby military installations. Why? Cheap lodging! I am not a person who just hangs out in a hotel room so I am not too picky about where I change, shower, and sleep... as long as it is clean and safe.

So, it has been decided, as a family we are going to check out Niagara Falls soon. I'm excited! I have always wanted to go there! I've done reports in elementary school about the falls, seen specials on TV about them, gazed longingly at beautiful photographs... it's my turn now! Maybe I should mention Ryan has been there before, years ago, but it was in his life prior to meeting me.

With some searching, lo and behold, I find a Air Reserve Base that is a 15 minute drive to the park. Score one for me!

I'm looking forward to our time of being together as a family! About 6 and a half to 7 hours in a car each way and then 2 days to enjoy our nation's oldest State Park. And perhaps getting into Canada (it's been years since I've been to that country but never on the eastern side of it). Hubby has to see what kind of clearance he has to get to leave the country so we might have to nix that if the Air Force tells him no.

Once we return from New York I will have to begin planning our next little family trip... where to go??



  1. I really want a road trip!! Between deployment and budgets it's a bad tie but maybe in a few more months. Have fun on yours!!

  2. I'm actually from that area (about 30 mins from Niagara Falls). Avoid the American side of Niagara falls... it's not great at all, run down, etc, but Canada is nice!

    There is a small aquarium on the American side that your kids might like.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the area!

  3. Yay for road trips!! :D (And for planning, lol.) I hope you guys have a fantastic time. And score one for the AF reserve base too!

    My Dad recently went to Niagara Falls (this past July) and he also says to avoid the American side if you can. I'm sure whatever side you go to will be great. :)