Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Topics on the Hill

I am totally in a blogging rut.

There are plenty of thing happening around the house, new developments with William, school starting soon, what I've been up to personally... but for some reason I just CANNOT sit down and blog about it.

I've thought about taking a break and decide what I want to do about this blog --- but I use this blog as a journal of sorts and keep track of our family life so I don't want to stop or change to writing about other things.

Bear with me as I flounder through trying to maintain some kind of activity on here.

Future Topics to Watch For:
  • Checking out the Wright Brothers Sites
  • Taking a Trip -- a Plan
  • Horticulturalists Must Hate Me
  • Living at Therapy
  • Shedding the Pounds
  • AFIT Babies (not mine)
  • Update on 101 in 1001
  • Nutella Filled Sugar Cookies Recipe
  • Playing at Parks, aka how to keep your children from driving you crazy

Okay. And with that I leave you with a picture. A picture of a squirrel the children and I affectionally call Joe. Umm... we actually call all the squirrels here Joe. It's better than Alanna always calling them puppies and kitties (well, she NOW calls them squirrels).


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