Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympic Sports

Who is NOT watching the Olympics? I totally am and loving it, though I'm a bit disappointed in the coverage by NBC. I don't need tons of interviews... I want to see the competitions! And keeping me up past midnight is so not cool.

I'm an absolute fan of the swimming. I enjoy the men's and women's gymnastics as well as beach volleyball, but swimming is my favorite. I'm looking forward to watching some track and field events soon as well!

The women's swim team is doing great in my opinion! But what gets me is that when the medal ceremonies happen these girls have their hair still all wet. I totally get it, they've been in the water and things move quickly during the games. I have to say that they do look waaaaay better than me when I get out of a pool. Sheesh, it's just one floppy mop for me! But these medal ceremony photos are for FOREVER! They will be broadcast all over the world, pictures hanging on their walls. It's freakin' history!

They still look good but can you imagine if YOU had to take photos like that after working your tail off in the water?! That's just intimidating!

Oh, and I just have to say... what happened with Jordan Wieber for the best all around gymnast? I wanted to cry right with her. Ugh. The Olympics are just so emotionally charged and it just doesn't always seem fair. And then there is the ADORABLE Gabby Douglas who is so fantastic and I just want to put in my pocket 'cause she makes me smile. Congrats to the Women's Gymnastic Team! Whoot! Proud of you ladies! Way to bring home the gold!

Sometimes I feel so inadequate watching these games. I was never really into sports. I mean, I played soccer and softball, but that's not where I was passionate. I was a decent player, but never outrageously amazing. These people are now younger than me and just put me in awe! But I think they are doing well at making our country proud. I wish I could go to the Olympics someday...

Then I saw this on Pinterest:

And even if it isn't for me, perhaps for the next generation. Case in point:
That's my girl!



  1. I found myself nodding along as I read this :) Its really frustrating only being able to watch it in the morning (which seem to be the less interesting sports for me) or late at night. And I feel a strong desire to go run a few miles after watching these athletes in their prime! :D

  2. Love the pic! I so wish I could watch the Olympics. Next time we will be getting cable for the duration of the Olympics, lol. :)