Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Independence Day Celebrations 2012

Before I allow more time to slip by me I will tell you about our Fourth of July.

It wasn't anything spectacular. Originally we were going to start celebrating with the Tattoo the Saturday before, a big party for the public on WPAFB. Thing is, it was HOT and after a crazy day of gym, swimming, and a doctor appointment I decided to nix participating. That was a good thing because about 30 minutes after we would have left a big storm blew through.

I've been through many storms and will have more to come --- but that crazy wind storm followed by rain truly freaked me out. It was eerie.

The Tattoo suffered damage and somebody was injured. Many people lost power all over the area. Like I said, it was a good thing we didn't go.

Later that "night" about 8:00 they started fireworks... in BROAD DAYLIGHT. Lana was already asleep but Will and I headed to the backyard and saw a few of the bursts. Fireworks during the day just are not spectacular.

When the 4th of July actually rolled around we were invited to go to Young's Dairy and enjoy our time with 2 other families we've recently met. Young's Dairy is about 30-45 minutes away and is Free! It is a farm with goats and cows and some chickens. There is a kids area with a bouncy house and other such things but it costs money. There's also a little golf cart barrel train, tractors, and a store with ice cream, cheese, and other food for purchase.

Again, it was HOT. The humidity is just killer. We spend time in the barn to keep out of the sun. The cows were even hiding in the shade outside!

After the kids played on the tractors we all had them ride on the golf cart barrel train. Will and Lana really enjoyed it.

Because of the heat we all decided to enjoy yummy ice cream. Afterwards the kids played a bit more on the tractors and fed the goats and we all headed home for the day... around 1 pm.

sitting on a cow, waiting for ice cream

Then later in the day the kids went and played in the sprinkler.

I know. Very exciting. No fireworks, no parade, no picnic -- it was miserably hot.

On the 5th we were invited to the Columbus Zoo. It was Military Appreciation Day so we were able to get in for free.

We got there quite late (10:30) so we decided not to meet up with our friends and just enjoy this awesome zoo as a family. And it is a wonderful zoo. It seems quite large and everything appears to be at a level for children to see things. There are numerous play areas geared for kids that we took full advantage of. I can understand why this is rated the #1 zoo in America. Besides the zoo there is an aquarium and a water park!

hello from the Habitat House
checking out the fish in the bear habitat
our attempt at a family picture on the train
checking out a bear trap

peek-a-boo from the bear trap!
the Arctic play area
Polar Bear

With the heat and the kids tired out from walking and playing we left shortly after 1 pm and only saw most of one area of the zoo.

It was a short visit, but I've definitely got a great taste! I can't wait to go back (once it cools off)!


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  1. I'm so glad you guys had a great time at the zoo! And I'm glad that you didn't go to the Tattoo and get caught in that storm - storms can be so dangerous in the midwest. I was going to link some resources from the American Red Cross, but their public site is different from the inside site I'm familiar with, so I'll have to get back to you on that. Anyway, I'm glad that Ryan was able to go with you to some of the places you visited - I saw him in some of the pics. :) I miss you like crazy and hope you're doing well.