Friday, July 27, 2012

Birthday, Cicinnati, & the Olympics

I had a birthday this week. I am officially considered "late-twenties" and I'm okay with it now.

To be honest, I've been in a rut lately. Kinda down, bummed, depressed -- whatever. When my birthday actually came around I was just feeling really blah and wanted to cry most of the day.

Overall my day was okay though. The kids and I had things to do so I was out most of the time: gym, therapy, and then shopping. When Ryan got home he had a cute little cake and some gifts/cards from him and the kids. My big gift? A complete relaxation package to a local spa. I guess it's several hours of pampering: mani, pedi, massage, facial... it is a welcome gift!
And Facebook was a nice present. Because I'd been feeling so blue those little Facebook *dings* I heard on my phone oddly improved my mood. I'd see who the message was from and then I'd remember good times or happy memories with that person. That was a great gift!

Also this week Ryan's aunt and cousin were visiting some friends in Louisville (a couple hours away) so we agreed to meet them in Cincinnati for dinner. After driving around the block continuously in Downtown we finally found them. Dinner plans had to be altered but it worked out. Overall we had a nice time chatting and visiting.
After dinner we headed out to the Fountain Square to get ice cream and hang out. Well, there are a bunch of painted pigs so we stopped to take pictures. At the last pig, Lana went to jump off the pedestal as she saw Will do, but she wasn't paying attention and slammed her head on the wheel the pig was holding then she fell forward and face planted on the concrete (though I think she braced herself with her hands so it wasn't AS bad). She is sporting a bit of a busted lip now.
Cousin Anna with Lana and Will
Tyler Davidson Fountain
Speaking of Alanna, potty training is going well. For the most part she is potty trained. Thing is, if she's busy playing or doing something she doesn't realize she has to go. As long as I remind her she does great. We even do our outings in "big girl panties" with success! This includes the gym and church. The only time she's in pull-ups is for bedtime and nap time (or long car rides since she often falls asleep anyway).

The Olympics have begun! I'm actually excited. I love watching the competitions and cheering for Team USA! I made sure to tune in for the opening ceremony and I was wishing - not so secretly - that David Tennant would light the cauldron, a la Dr. Who. It did not happen. I thought the intro with Daniel Craig and The Queen was awesome... I had a big smile like a goofball while sitting on my couch. And I may get hate messages for this, but I'm kinda hoping Ryan Lochte knocks Michael Phelps down a couple notches. I have my reasons.

Are you looking forward to the Olympics? What are you favorite competitions? Which athletes are you rooting for?


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  1. I LOVE the Olympics . . .alas we do not have cable, so I'll probably miss most of it. I might try to rig something up while the kids are in bed tonight so I can watch some stuff . . . it would be the perfect thing to do while Mike is TDY too.

    Cincinnati looks like it was a lot of fun (except for poor Lana).

    I hope that you got my card (and liked it). :)