Friday, July 13, 2012

and "surgery"

I realized some of you might have been thrown off by my post mentioning Lana's "surgery" coming up.

So a couple weeks ago, my little girl's eye looked like this:
A trip to the doctor confirmed a sort of eye infection from her tear duct becoming clogged. When her eyes were watering she likely rubbed them and got bacteria from her hand into her eye which she couldn't naturally get rid of. A week of antibiotics (and missing swim lessons) gave us relief.

Since birth Lana has had issues with her tear duct. This is common, 20% of babies have blocked tear ducts. Issues with such usually clear up before a year old.

During her infant check ups I would mention it and the docs would look but other than getting gunky once in awhile and a bit more 'teary' than the other eye we never had a problem. I would keep her eye clean and sometime massage near the duct.

Well, after this infection the doc wanted to get her sent to a specialist to see if anything should be done or if she's fine the way she is.

Eye dilation and check up and the eye doctor has decided she needs the probe.

Since she is no longer an infant, the age doctors prefer to do this procedure, she has to receive general anesthesia. Then, essentially, the doctors will take a thin wire and poke it through her tear duct to open it up. After it has been opened, saline will be used to clear it all out and be sure it works properly.

It's very quick with a 90% success rate! Afterwards there should be little to no discomfort and full recovery in days.

Not a big deal, but I'm glad to get it taken care of so she won't have to deal with possible infections later on.


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