Saturday, June 16, 2012

USO Sesame Street Show

The USO tours a Sesame Street show that is free to military families and this past week they were at our base. I'd heard about it from spouses on Facebook, but I wasn't sure if we were going.

After debating if it was worth it then having the availability I decided to go. Ryan stayed home to study.

I'm so glad we went! The kids really enjoyed themselves (though you wouldn't know by watching Will's face during the performance).

When we showed up the kids are handed free light up Elmo toys and USO bandanas. There was other free paper stuff, pamphlets, and magnets that I perused as well.

waiting for the show to start
We got really good seats near the front on the aisle. Then the show started. It was a little, 30-minute performance with Elmo, Cookie Monster, Grover, and Rosita who are talking (singing) and helping their friend, Katie, who will be moving to a new base.


Will was mesmerized. He just stared, completely enamored with what was going on.

Lana was dancing, then decided she wanted to go up to the front with the other kids. So Will and I joined her.
dancing girl
Lana stood at the fenced off area and was able to touch the characters when they came down (which she loved). It was like she couldn't get close enough!
Lana meets Rosita
Will was happy to just be near me and take it all in. He was so intense!

After it was over the kids did tell me they liked it. Will was telling me he saw Elmo and Cookie Monster... but I couldn't get it all on video. Oh well.
(this is not the video, I couldn't get it to load)
What great opportunities are offered for us military families if we are willing to take advantage of them!


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