Tuesday, June 5, 2012


It is official -- I'm a spaz.

Those of you who know me in person are probably surprised by my tardy self-diagnostic.

I've had the pleasure to meet several of my neighbors lately. Most of them have children close in age to mine so it's definitely fun! I'm also getting involved with the AFIT spouses -- even attended a fabulous play group today.

This neighborhood is fantastic in that people actually come out of their houses, walk around, hang out and openly and happily welcome new people. Even if the person has been around for some time she is graciously invited to join in on conversations and play time. This is a wonderful community.

So, anyway, the other day I had promised the children that if they ate their dinner I would take them to McDonalds for some ice cream (it's just down the road). When we returned home I hop out of the car and open Will's door then see a good-looking man jump out of his car, which he parked on our street with his wife and baby inside, to ask me about the housing here. Turns out he is a fellow officer and they just PCS'ed here and wanted to know how to get into the "right" housing.

Most Air Force families can agree that all housing offices are never 'by the book'. You can wiggle and negotiate different things. And, depending on who you talk to in the office, what kind of day they have had, how nice/rude you are, how long houses have been empty, will dictate what kind of offer they give you.

Ryan sees me outside and comes out to find out what's going on. Then he takes over talking about the housing and I cross the street to chat with the wife in the car.

During our time outside I look off to the nearby park and think I'm seeing things. I start staring intently and trying to keep the conversation up... but I'm distracted.

I see it again, "What the heck? Is that what I think it is?"

I point to the trees and then see it again, "there it is!"

The woman looks to what I'm pointing at, "what is it?"

I'm giddy and obviously excited. "Oh my gosh! There it is again! Oh wow! FIREFLIES! I've never seen fireflies before!" I can't contain myself and am nearly jumping up and down sort of clapping my hands.

I shout over to Ryan and start pointing when I see one flickering near him.

I realize then that I probably look like a complete fool to these strangers so I explain myself: I've lived on the West Coast my whole life. I've never seen fireflies for real before. I wasn't sure what I was seeing and thought they were amazing.

She was polite and the conversation picked back up again, but I'm smiling really big on the inside.

So yes, my friends, I am a total spaz.




  1. Love the post! Join the spaz club! :D I'm so glad that you have welcoming neighbors - that's awesome.

  2. You've never seen "lightning bugs?" I'm so happy you're having good experiences! Who knows what else your new home has in store for you!

  3. That's so charming :) Glad you're enjoying some perks from the other side of the country :D

  4. you are so not a spaz! LOL! We just recently moved to the east coast from the west and I was excitedly waiting for firefly season (or lightning bugs as they should be called) to come so my kids could see them. I had grown up seeing them when we visited my mom's family in West Virginia! oh man, so much fun and they hold sentimental value to me for sure.